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A compliance view of the Wizard Learning accredited CPD system

posted : Apr 24, 2014
Accredited CPD system review

Identifying and recording your structured CPD

posted : Apr 02, 2014
Plus round up of recent news incl R06 and AF5

AF5 Expected Solution now available

posted : Apr 01, 2014
46 pages of expert analysis

R06 Expected Solution

posted : Mar 29, 2014
Available now for the April 2014 exam

CPD, workplace pensions, advice process presentation

posted : Mar 25, 2014
Compulsory CPD: you might as well make the most of it.

New: J12 Securities advice and dealing

posted : Mar 17, 2014
Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool

CII exam pass rates

posted : Mar 10, 2014
Advanced diploma, diploma, regulated diploma

CPD system receives accreditation

posted : Mar 06, 2014
Which CPD camp are you in?

Steep growth in the number of chartered financial planners

posted : Feb 27, 2014
Looking to become chartered?

New: AF2 Business financial planning - study package

posted : Feb 13, 2014
Revise key syllabus topics

Free CPD recording tool and CPD compliance

posted : Feb 04, 2014
Monthly news update

Free CPD recording tool

posted : Feb 01, 2014
ANYONE can use our FREE CPD recording tool, this is a FREE service available to everyone.

CPD system free trial

posted : Jan 31, 2014
CPD system information

Updated Wizard Learning Training Directory

posted : Jan 13, 2014
Information pages on our 53 training modules

Monthly news: Enhancements to our CPD system

posted : Jan 07, 2014
New focus on topics, new cpd recording and reports

R06 exam requirements

posted : Dec 18, 2013
About the exam and The Expected Solution Package

GREAT NEWS, you can now record ALL your CPD

posted : Dec 18, 2013
Easy way to record all your non Wizard Learning CPD

News 12/2013: Diploma video, R06, CPD, workplace pensions, free event

posted : Dec 05, 2013
Financial services and training news & information

Our wide range of online training products, services and facilities

posted : Nov 19, 2013
We now have over 15,000 registered users

News 11/2013: Chartered video, CPD changes & focus areas

posted : Nov 12, 2013
Keeping you up to date with industry news and reminding you about the latest products available to you

Keeping your diploma knowledge up to date

posted : Oct 23, 2013
How our CPD system does this

AF4 requirements and new skill package, R06 exam

posted : Sep 29, 2013
AF4 requirements and new skill package and R06 expected solution now available

AF4 study package

posted : Sep 26, 2013
AF4 Invetment planning study package is now available

Is a free CPD system trial worthwhile?

posted : Sep 11, 2013
An enjoyable, affordable, very easily managed and time efficient way to meet your structured CPD requirements

Enhanced CPD system, Paraplanner Award, LinkedIn Coaching

posted : Aug 07, 2013
Free CPD system trial

AF3 requirements, R06 exam, Panacea survey

posted : Jun 13, 2013
AF3 study requirements and guidance and R06 for July and October

AF5 expected solution survey results

posted : May 13, 2013
100% said it helped them a lot

Discounts & offers plus online course on complaints

posted : May 02, 2013
Regulatory requirements for complaints handling

CPD must be more than just ticking the CPD boxes

posted : Apr 22, 2013
Our CPD system solution

AF5 The Expected Solution

posted : Apr 03, 2013
Expected solution available

R06 Expected Solution

posted : Apr 01, 2013
Available to download now for the 8/4/2013 exam

New study package for AF1 & CPD solution

posted : Mar 26, 2013
Contains online course, multiple choice questions, case studies and mock paper.

New study package for J02 Trusts

posted : Mar 20, 2013
Contains online course, multiple choice questions, case studies and mock paper.

New J10 assessment package & CII exam pass rates

posted : Mar 11, 2013
Gap analysis and assessment tool

New consumer information website, popular training

posted : Feb 20, 2013
Wizard Financial Awareness: consumer information tutorials and finding trusted financial advisers

J05 study package

posted : Feb 18, 2013
New extended package

Structured products online course and CPD SYSTEM

posted : Feb 05, 2013
Why should advisers take this course?

CII Diploma pass rates & planning your studies

posted : Jan 23, 2013
Details of the diploma pass rates

R06 Expected Solution and Learning to learn

posted : Jan 14, 2013
Available now for the 21/1/2013 exam

AF3 pension planning

posted : Jan 07, 2013
Study package

Workplace pension reform online course

posted : Dec 28, 2012
Expected solution packages - R06 & AF5

Learning to Learn - 5 skills courses

posted : Nov 28, 2012
FREE with every training module

Data Protection online course in CPD system and R06

posted : Nov 18, 2012
Website news

Data Protection Online Course

posted : Nov 16, 2012
CPD system includes our data protection online course

CPD SYSTEM summary and R06

posted : Nov 06, 2012
Last R06 exam in 2012

The benefits of the Financial Crime online course

posted : Nov 02, 2012
New Financial Crime online course

Financial Crime online course

posted : Oct 22, 2012
New online course and new forum

FREE Learning to Learn - 5 skills courses

posted : Jul 30, 2012

School student encourages youngsters to become IFAs

posted : Feb 23, 2010

Study tips

posted : Nov 11, 2009
Presentations to help you pass your exams. Learning to learn, working with the wizard, study planning.