Essential information for the advanced diploma exams

Posted Oct 01, 2014

We have created these information pages for those sitting or planning to take their AF advanced diploma exams.

AF2 Business Financial Planning: study requirements and guidance
AF3 Pension planning: study requirements and guidance
AF4 Investment planning: study requirements and guidance
AF5 Financial planning process: exam requirements
AF5 Exam contents and requirements including the expected solution package (audiovisual)

Achieving chartered status (audiovisual)

Our accredited CPD system is designed to keep you up to date on technical issues and maintain your diploma knowledge on an ongoing basis. If you plan to proceed to the advanced exams and become Chartered then that is largely based on the application of the diploma knowledge (there is no new study text from the CII introducing new information) as mentioned in the study requirements and guidance. Therefore a CPD system like ours that provides access to the full diploma syllabus makes it easier to maintain that knowledge and meet the FCA requirement of maintaining that knowledge.

In addition to our training modules and accredited CPD system we also provide a wealth of information on training and CPD on the following pages:


Wizard Learning Ltd

Provider of award winning online training and CPD system for financial advisers and financial services professionals. Which CPD camp are you in? (audiovisual)

We are committed to helping you gain higher level qualifications and maintain this knowledge through effective continuous professional development.

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