CPD and diploma studies system

It is a FCA requirement for financial advisers to retain their diploma knowledge. Our system identifies diploma knowledge gaps AND provides the learning material to fill these gaps and ensure you maintain your diploma competence.

It is your ‘one-stop-shop’ that can help you to fulfil your ongoing structured CPD needs. It is also ideal for trainee financial advisers working their way through the diploma exams.

The system links you to our 5 diploma online multimedia courses, which are the full online courses provided for the regulated diploma exams. You can also take assessments from our bank of 1,500 questions to identify any knowledge gaps and use the online courses to improve your knowledge.

The system provides an online monthly CPD update and a final 10 question assessment on a wide range of topics to help you keep up to date with key financial services industry developments and current issues, and so helps to fulfil the FCA's requirement of a minimum 35 CPD hours a year. Because this type of CPD is classed as structured, it will help satisfy the requirement of at least 21 hours of structured CPD per year.

All these elements together with courses on compliance, specialist courses and learning skills are provided within a single affordable monthly cost

Listed below is a summary of the contents of the CPD system.

Free trial - Try the system before you purchase

We recommend that you try the system by requesting a free trial and you will have a week to try it to see if it meets your requirements. If you have an existing record then login and click on the "My Account" link on the left hand menu. If you have not previously registered then register here, login and then click on the "My Account" link and select "Apply" beside the CPD System Trial.


Login and click on the "Buy Account" link on the left hand menu and select "CPD and diploma studies system" to make an annual payment. We also offer a discounted monthly payment option, contact us for details, the minimum subscription period is 12 months.

CPD system contents summary

Monthly CPD update

This is a monthly online CPD update providing a summary of all key industry developments. This includes an online assessment to demonstrate your understanding and record your CPD time. After taking each monthly assessment your CPD certificate will be updated with your result and 1.5 hours of CPD.

Diploma gap analysis assessments

Identify any gaps in your diploma knowledge by taking assessments and using the online diploma courses to improve any knowledge gaps that have been identified in your assessment feedback. Includes a total of 1,500 questions, 300 questions for each of the 5 core areas. You are also able to select the number of questions per assessment.

Diploma online courses

Five online courses covering the exam syllabus in detail for:

  • Financial services, regulation and ethics at diploma level (R01)
  • Investment principles and risk (R02)
  • Personal taxation (R03)
  • Pensions and retirement planning (R04)
  • Financial protection (R05)
Compliance related online courses

Includes final assessments to evidence your knowledge.

  • Financial crime
  • Data Protection Law in the UK
  • Complaints procedures
Specialist online courses
  • Workplace pensions
  • Structured products
Focus on topics
  • Focus on treating customers fairly
  • Focus on business risk awareness
  • Focus on investments - Portfolio construction

Each of these topics includes: key facts, a short audiovisual presentation, multiple-choice assessment and a case study.

In addition short audiovisual presentations covering key facts on diploma topics are included with each monthly CPD update.

Learning to Learn - 5 learning skills online courses
  • How to Improve Your Time Management for Learning Skills
  • How to Improve Your Exam Skills
  • How to Improve Your Reading Skills
  • How to Improve Your Memory and Mental Agility Skills
  • How to Improve Your Study Skills

Individual users can pay online by selecting the "CPD and diploma studies system" from the cost and contents menu link. Please contact us if you:

  • would like to pay monthly by standing order (minimum susbscription period 12 months)
  • have two or more users as we offer substantial discounts
  • have any questions about CPD or our system

purchase CPD system

“I would thoroughly recommend using the Wizard Learning CPD system for your entire CPD recording; it is independent of any accrediting body, inexpensive, useful and so flexible that people will actually use it.” Karen Malin, Managing Director, TheGIConsultant.com Limited
Standards International have reviewed the accredited CPD system and their report says:

  • The contents of the courses are detailed and of good technical content
  • The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Content is good technically and for ease of reading and understanding
  • Audio presentations have good content and structure
  • The Learning to Learn skills courses are very useful
  • The CPD system recording tool covers all the areas required by the FCA to be recorded and evidenced for good quality CPD and which is required by adviser’s SPS accreditation body
  • This is a really good system for individuals and firms to use.
"I've just signed up for the CPD system. I have been searching for ages for a product like this. I also love the payment method and at less than £20 a month I will continue indefinitely, in fact everyone should take it!" Alan Moran FPFS Chartered Financial Planner, Interface Financial Planning Limited
"Wizard Learning's CPD system includes a structured monthly update that covers all the major aspects of financial services. In addition the full CPD system's content is wide ranging and in depth.  It’s more than just an FCA ticking box exercise and has real merit as a knowledge updating tool. I find it immensely useful and I recommend it to all financial advisers." Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb
Wizard Learning - Accredited training and CPD provider

Accredited training and CPD providers represent excellence in providing training and CPD material and services. Wizard Learning has been assessed by CISI and demonstrate the ultimate in professionalism through the calibre of their training and CPD services.

Accredited training providers must meet the CISI's strict criteria and provide the highest standards of training and CPD.

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