R06 expected solution and new modules for accredited CPD system

Posted Jan 12, 2015

In this site update we cover:

1. New accredited CPD system modules
2. R06 Expected Solution now available for the 19 January 2015 exam
3. Panacea Adviser & The Heath Report – Post RDR Survey

1. New accredited CPD system modules
These new CPD modules have just been added to our accredited CPD System:

Focus on treating customers fairly (TCF)
Focus on business risk awareness

Each focus topic includes: key facts, a short audiovisual presentation, multiple-choice assessment and a case study.

You can view the short TCF audiovisual here.

1 hour of CPD time is added to your CPD certificate the first time you take the multiple choice assessment and this takes account of the time needed to read the key facts, watch the presentation and take the assessment.

A further 0.5 hours of CPD time is added to your CPD certificate the first time you take the self-marked case study.

Accredited CPD system overview - see here for full system details and free trial
Each month, the CPD update provides 1.5 hours of structured CPD and a 10 question assessment to demonstrate firstly that the CPD activity has taken place and secondly that the information has been absorbed and understood.

The last monthly update included 38 short articles spread over 8 areas of the financial services industry under these categories: Compliance & Regulation, Economy, Miscellaneous, Mortgages, Pensions, Protection, Savings & Investments and Taxation & Trusts.

The CPD system provides over 300 hours of core CPD material including 'test your knowledge assessments’ for the core areas as well as 5 online courses to fill any knowledge gaps identified.

Along with including your assessment results and CPD times the CPD certificate feature allows you to create a report for any selected time period. You can also include generic reflective statements, development need statements and learning outcomes for each CPD item completed. In addition you can use our CPD system to record all your non Wizard Learning CPD. A download to Excel or PDF option is provided to make it easy to store or forward your CPD records.

Together with our compliance courses and other specialist online courses the accredited CPD system can be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your core CPD requirements.

2. R06 Expected Solution now available for the 19 January 2015 exam
The Expected Solution is now available for immediate download. There are 27 pages of expert analysis for case study 1 and 22 pages for case study 2, as well as 14 pages of generic information on questions that may be asked.

The Expected Solution package includes a detailed analysis by our panel of experts of the 2 case studies that are issued by the CII 2 weeks prior to the exam. We provide you with a list of the questions that we feel could be asked together with a detailed solution.

R06 Select R06 The Expected Solution Package

The costs and contents of all our training modules can be viewed here.

3. Panacea Adviser & The Heath Report – Post RDR Survey
Do you want to have your voice heard? Panacea Adviser and The Heath Report would appreciate if advisers cold take this short survey, results of which will be issued in early 2015 to all interested parties, including the FCA and Treasury Select Committee.

Through a combination of in-depth research, collation of existing data, reference to case studies and analysis of regulatory pronouncements, The FCA’s own report could not find any consumer benefit in RDR but still it continues to roll towards the removal of trail commission in 2016.

The Heath Report, together with Panacea Adviser, is seeking to understand many of the unintended consequences of RDR and to both inform ongoing regulatory developments and identify what improvements can be made to regulator accountability.

Panacea Adviser believe that it is important to ensure that there is a strongly argued alternative view in the media and Parliament.

To help in developing that argument in a constructive way Panacea Adviser needs advisers' input, and need it now.

This survey, which closes on 16 January, should take no more than 10 minutes of your valuable time and should be completed as if it applies to your whole firm rather than at an individual adviser level.

The Heath Report is offering a prize for a draw for all contributors, to win one of three £100 'Buy a Gift' packages.

Visit www.panaceaadviser.com/heathreportsurvey to take the survey.


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