Expected solutions packages for R06 and AF5

Posted Sep 01, 2014

Our ability to provide detailed analysis in our R06 and AF5 expected solutions is based on the fact that the CII use a similar assessment method for each exam. This allows our panel of experts to identify, based on the information supplied by the CII before the exam, the questions you could most likely expect to face in the exam itself.

Our experts are qualified to at least chartered status and have considerable experience of preparing candidates for these exams.

Our expected solution packages:

  • Help you brush up on your technical knowledge
  • Assist you with understanding the exam techniques required
  • Identify the likely questions that will be asked
  • Help you answer the likely questions in the format the CII will be looking for.

We guarantee you will be well prepared
Our model answers to our anticipated questions, will allow you to answer the questions we have identified in the required way to score well, but in order to pass you must also understand all of the syllabus elements and requirements so that you can tackle any questions we have not identified, and this is where our package also helps you.

If you use all of the tools provided in our expected solution packages, we can’t guarantee you that you will pass, but we can guarantee you will be well prepared.

Articles and presentations
R06 Financial planning practice - exam requirements
R06 exam contents and requirements including the expected solution package (audiovisual)
AF5 Financial planning process: exam requirements
AF5 exam contents and requirements including the expected solution package (audiovisual)
Achieving chartered status (audiovisual)
Achieving diploma status (audiovisual)

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