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Posted Oct 23, 2013

To ensure that all our users who purchased our R0 online courses or subscribe to our CPD system are fully prepared we carried out extensive updates across all of our online materials during August. The update schedule follows the CII’s examination year, which examines the new tax year from 1 September. The most obvious changes made throughout the materials are the references to: the tax year (2013/14), the new tax rates and allowances and all associated example calculations and questions.

However, due to the passing of the Finance Act 2012 there have been significant changes to the regulatory structure and bodies of the UK financial services industry and how advisers operate within it. Changes to tax and other laws have also impacted on a number of areas important to the provision of advice.

Although throughout the materials there are many other minor amendments, as a part of your ongoing CPD, it is recommended that you make yourself fully familiar with these major changes to ensure that your knowledge and understanding is fully up to date. By using our CPD system, you will have access to all the current R01 to R05 diploma online courses. These can be used at any time to refresh your knowledge of specific areas, and by carrying out gap analysis tests over the year from each of the subjects as a part of your overall CPD plan, you can use the results to identify areas of weakness against the learning outcomes and plan future CPD activities. The gap analysis includes a total of 1,500 questions, 300 questions for each of the 5 core areas covered.

The main changes to our RO online courses are detailed here (PDF).

You can subscribe to our CPD system by selecting the CPD system from our cost and contents menu. For multiple user details and discount please contact us stating the number of users.

The CPD system includes:

5 online courses

  • Financial services regulation & ethics (R01)
  • Investment principles and risk (R02)
  • Personal taxation (R03)
  • Pensions & retirement planning (R04)
  • Financial Protection (R05)

Diploma gap analysis assessments
Identify any gaps in your diploma knowledge by taking assessments and using the online diploma courses to improve any knowledge gaps. Includes a total of 1,500 questions, 300 questions for each of the 5 core areas

Monthly CPD update service
Summary of all the key industry developments together with a 10 question monthly assessment

Compliance online courses

  • Financial crime
  • Data protection
  • Complaints procedures

Specialist online course

  • Workplace pension reform
  • Structured products

Learning to Learn
5 online learning skills courses covering time management, exams, reading, memory and study

Training modules
The costs and contents of all our training modules can be viewed here.


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