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News incl maintaining CPD and furnished holiday let alternative

posted : Dec 08, 2016
Also includes free Learning to Learn courses

Helping small businesses with auto enrolment and maintaining CPD

posted : Nov 28, 2016
Including R01 Regulation changes

News on R06, customer survey and FSCS funding review

posted : Nov 21, 2016
News update

News incl AF5 and R06, AF exams, CPD system

posted : Sep 26, 2016
Expected solutions now available

Video Killed the Radio Star, CPD and Gap Analysis

posted : Jul 07, 2016
Article - Will the Lifetime ISA kill the pension?

Enhanced Diploma Package, Financial Planning Practice course, Paraplanner award

posted : Jun 27, 2016
A new package that covers all the regulated Diploma material

News including R06 expected solution

posted : Jun 25, 2016
July 2016 Expected Solution available for immediate download.

R07, R06, AF5 and the Personal Savings Allowance

posted : May 11, 2016
New R07 module & start preparing for the R06 and AF5 exams

News: Revision, gap analysis and Learning to Learn

posted : Apr 08, 2016
Building gap analysis assessments into your study and revision; audiovisual presentation on revision techniques; how do the free Learning to Learn courses improve my learning skills?

AF5 and R06 solutions available, AF exam requirements

posted : Apr 02, 2016
Expected solution package now includes Financial Planning Practice online course

Dividend taxation, revision, data protection, R06 & AF5

posted : Mar 08, 2016
Website news update

CII pass rates

posted : Feb 25, 2016
CII issues 2015 pass rates

CPD, Expected solutions R06 and AF5, pension reforms

posted : Feb 11, 2016
Website news update

R06 Jan expected solution and CPD system

posted : Jan 11, 2016
R06 available and benefits of our accredited CPD system

Mobile site, expected solutions and R08

posted : Dec 18, 2015
Website news

How to get the most benefit out of using an assessment package

posted : Nov 20, 2015
Revise, identify knowledge gaps and practice on exam style questions

AF5 and R06 Expected Solutions now available for the October exams

posted : Oct 05, 2015
AF5 has 54 pages of expert analysis and R06 has 79 pages

R08 assessments

posted : Sep 30, 2015

R08 Pensions update assessments

posted : Sep 30, 2015
Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool

Doing the right CPD

posted : Sep 29, 2015
R you doing the right CPD?

The IFP Paraplanner of the Year Award goes live

posted : Jun 09, 2015
Wizard Learning provided support for the 2015 Paraplanner of the Year Award

Training modules, R06 and AF5 solutions, Virtual Paraplanner Awards

posted : May 27, 2015
Website news

Site news update

posted : Apr 07, 2015
R06 and AF5, exam news, business evolution guide

CII pass rates and CPD FAQs

posted : Apr 07, 2015
CII issues 2014 pass rates

AF5 Expected Solution now available for the April exam

posted : Apr 06, 2015
55 pages of expert analysis

R06 expected solution now available for the April exam

posted : Apr 05, 2015
71 pages of analysis.

Knowledge assessment, R06 and AF5 solutions, petition for fines to offset costs

posted : Feb 03, 2015
News update

R06 expected solution and new modules for accredited CPD system

posted : Jan 12, 2015
R06 63 pages of analysis. New focus modules on TCF and business risk awareness

Identify diploma knowledge gaps

posted : Dec 05, 2014
It is a regulatory requirement for financial advisers to retain their diploma knowledge. Our accredited CPD system identifies diploma knowledge gaps AND provides the learning material to fill these gaps.

Chartered training, R06, new consumer information presentations

posted : Dec 03, 2014
Site news update

Chartered offer

posted : Dec 03, 2014
Chartered Financial Planner training offer

Become a Chartered Financial Planner within 2 years

posted : Dec 03, 2014
Includes a sample exam timetable

Reasons to be apprenticed

posted : Oct 28, 2014
Trainee financial advisers

Course updates for CPD

posted : Oct 21, 2014
The main changes to the R01 to R05 online courses

Meeting the CPD requirements

posted : Oct 14, 2014
Updates to diploma online courses

AF5 Expected Solution now available for the October exam

posted : Oct 06, 2014
44 pages of expert analysis

R06 Expected Solution

posted : Oct 03, 2014
Available now for the October 2014 exam

Essential information for the advanced diploma exams

posted : Oct 01, 2014
Know what is required for AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4, AF5

Customer survey results

posted : Sep 24, 2014
Positive response to survey

Expected solutions packages for R06 and AF5

posted : Sep 01, 2014
Exam information and package contents

Information and articles on training and CPD

posted : Aug 15, 2014
Free resources incl R06 and AF5 solutions

Presentation on the need for CPD

posted : Jun 29, 2014
Site news

R06 Expected Solution and Paraplanner of the year

posted : Jun 27, 2014
Available now for the July 2014 exam

Doing the right CPD and R06 presentation

posted : Jun 04, 2014
Meeting the CPD standards for the SPS

A compliance view of the Wizard Learning accredited CPD system

posted : Apr 24, 2014
Accredited CPD system review

Identifying and recording your structured CPD

posted : Apr 02, 2014
Plus round up of recent news incl R06 and AF5

AF5 Expected Solution now available

posted : Apr 01, 2014
46 pages of expert analysis

R06 Expected Solution

posted : Mar 29, 2014
Available now for the April 2014 exam

CPD, workplace pensions, advice process presentation

posted : Mar 25, 2014
Compulsory CPD: you might as well make the most of it.

New: J12 Securities advice and dealing

posted : Mar 17, 2014
Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool