Study presentation, business tools, AF5 and R06 solutions

Posted Aug 11, 2017

This update covers:

1. Study presentation - Easy ways to improve your memory
2. Simple tools and templates to drive your business forward
3. R06 and AF5 expected solution packages
4. Customer feedback

1. Study presentation - Easy ways to improve your memory
This presentation looks at how the memory works and how you can improve its capabilities. Being able to recall information quickly within an exam situation will allow you to feel calm and confident and increase your chances of passing.

The memory is an unstable and unreliable thing and needs to be trained and tested on a regular basis to be fully effective. By using techniques that are more in line with the brain’s natural way of working, information will be better understood, related to other concepts and recalled more easily when it is required.

Watch the Easy ways to improve your memory presentation:

 learning to learn

2. Simple tools and templates to drive your business forward
Panacea Adviser has launched a new guide containing a number of tools and templates to aid business development. The guide includes nine simple tools which can help businesses evolve successfully.  These include:

  • Creating your business vision
  • Analysing your business audit
  • Establishing powerful goals
  • Planning for the future
  • Forging strong strategic alliances
  • Networking better
  • Using social media effectively
  • Creating a profitable proposition
  • Retaining clients in the future.

Download the complimentary guide from the Panacea Adviser website here.

3. R06 and AF5 expected solution packages
We will be preparing expected solutions for all the R06 and AF5 exams.  You can advance purchase access for the next exams now and get access immediately to the other preparation elements, see these links for further information:

R06 The Expected Solution Package

AF5 The Expected Solution Package

4. Customer feedback
Customer comment can be viewed here and then use the tabs for diploma, advanced diploma, certificate and CPD system to filter the comments. The most recent addition was:

“The R01 online course was really useful, it's simple and easy to understand, it assumes no knowledge prior so anyone can pick it up and understand, something I haven't found in other revision materials, they assume you already have a certain level of understanding so a lot of it can be confusing but not with Wizard Learning. Bite size sections also makes it easier to complete as you can do sections at a time.”

Our most recent customer survey results can be viewed here.

Training Directory
All training modules purchased from our training directory, that can be viewed here, we will automatically include our Learning to Learn package containing 5 online skills courses.


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