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Posted Jun 25, 2017

This update covers:

1. R06 Expected Solution now available for the July exam
2. Make studying more effective presentation

1. R06 Expected Solution now available for the July exam
The Expected Solution is now available for immediate download. There are 19 pages of expert analysis for case study 1 and 27 pages for case study 2, as well as 14 pages of generic information on questions that may be asked.

The Expected Solution package includes a detailed analysis by our panel of experts of the 2 case studies that are issued by the CII 2 weeks prior to the exam. We provide you with a list of the questions that we feel could be asked together with a detailed solution.

R06 Select R06 The Expected Solution Package

We also confirm that we will be preparing expected solutions for the October R06 and AF5 exams. You can advance purchase access now and get access immediately to the other preparation elements, see these links for further information:

R06 The Expected Solution Package

AF5 The Expected Solution Package

2. Make studying more effective presentation
We leave behind the preparation for studying covered in our previous presentations and start to look at how we can make the overall study process more effective. Regardless of the studying technique you use, your brain will focus on what it believes to be important, or most important, and attempt to disregard everything else. An important consideration therefore is how can you help your brain to focus on what is actually important and then retain that information going forward.

In our ‘Make studying more effective’ presentation we provide some advice and guidance on brightening up your revision notes, adapting lists, using interruptions in the right way and taking the time factor into account to ensure that you remain interested in what you are studying.

We are all different and will respond to different techniques in different ways and by having a tool box of techniques available you are giving yourself the best chance of exam success.

Watch the Make studying more effective presentation:

 learning to learn

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