CII pass rates and the common mistakes of studying

Posted Feb 08, 2017

In this news update we look at the recently published CII pass rates and covers our new animated presentation on the common mistakes of studying.

1. CII exam pass rates - advanced diploma, diploma, regulated diploma
The CII have recently published their exam pass rates for 2016 and we have added them to our existing table below so that you can see the recent years rates as well.

The rates are calculated based on the number of candidates who passed during the year divided by the number who sat the exam.

The regulated diploma average pass rate across R01 to R06 was up 2.22% to 60.8% from 58.58% in 2015. There were improvements in the pass rates for R02, R04, R05 and R06 and a fall in the pass rates for R01 and R03. The highest pass mark was R06 at 73.23% and the lowest was R03 at 50.46%.

The advanced diploma average pass rate across AF1 to AF6 was up to 57.50% from 56.54% in 2015. There was a big fall in the AF1 pass rate and a slight fall in the AF4 pass rate, however the AF2, AF3, AF5 and AF6 pass rates all improved. The highest pass mark was AF6 at 78.95% and the lowest was AF3 at 37.25%.

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning: AF1 to AF6

Exam 2016 2015 2014
AF1 45.02% 57.55% 53.36%
AF2 53.52% 52.27% 50.54%
AF3 37.25% 31.47% 40.92%
AF4 63.37% 63.88% 62.58%
AF5 66.88% 61.75% 65.71%
AF6 78.95% 72.29% 44.71%

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning: R01 to R06

Exam 2016 2015 2014
R01 57.01% 58.71% 59.41%
R02 57.92% 54.00% 55.99%
R03 50.46% 50.90% 54.55%
R04 54.07% 49.53% 54.09%
R05 72.11% 67.09% 68.73%
R06 73.23% 71.27% 67.56%

Diploma in Financial Planning: R07, R08, J02, J03, J05, J07, J10, J1, J12

Exam 2016 2015 2014
R07 79.80% 81.86% N/A
R08 83.75% 92.51% N/A
J02 58.37% 57.92% 58.15%
J03 50.94% 62.34% 54.81%
J05 63.51% 57.49% 58.68%
J07 52.10% 51.86% 40.17%
J10 85.12% 83.79% 81.06%
J11 51.20% 55.61% 56.19%
J12 75.81% 67.74% 72.89%

Source: CII website.

The message from these rates are clear, in order to pass you need to be well prepared.

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2. Presentation on the common mistakes of studying
This new presentation looks at the common mistakes of studying and how to avoid them, aiming to ensure that you start off in the right way to achieve success. Included are elements on your study environment and your physical needs during periods of study. If you would like more information on this area, you can find this within out ‘How to improve your study skills’ course which is part of the Learning to Learn study skills package offered free with every purchase.

Watch The Common Mistakes of Studying audiovisual presentation:

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