November news

Posted Nov 22, 2018

This update covers:

1. New online Multimedia Course for J11 Wrap and platform services 
2. Expected solutions for R06 and AF5
3. The Pension Freedom Effect

1. New online Multimedia Course for J11 Wrap and platform services 
We have added this online course to expand the range of modules that we offer.

This Online Multimedia Course covers the key syllabus points in a clear and user-friendly way. 

It is appropriate for someone studying for the CII's J11 exam and also for filling knowledge gaps for advisers.

Included are:

  • 8 chapters of online study notes linked to the relevant syllabus learning outcomes
  • Easy user-friendly navigation between the chapter and sections within each chapter
  • Interactive knowledge tests to check your understanding as you work your way through the course
  • Multiple choice revision assessments for each chapter and a final 20 question multiple choice assessment
  • A short question self-marked paper containing 15 questions
  • One short 3 to 4 minute animated audiovisual presentations in each chapter (32 minutes total viewing time)
  • Your statistics and study time are included on your personalised learning log/CPD certificate that you can view and print this at any time.

All our learning material is written and reviewed by subject knowledge experts with many years experience in training and exam setting.

Sample audiovisual presentation from the course. As described above there is 32 minutes of audiovisual viewing. R05 presentation
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with a longer access period.

Provided FREE when you purchase any training module. Included are 5 online courses covering learning skills on: time management, exams, study, reading & memory.

R05 online course

CII J11 exam information

  • 2 hour exam comprising compulsory written short answer questions and 2 essay-style questions
  • Pass mark is 55% 
  • 2 hours is allowed to complete
  • 20 credits allocated on passing

Our interactive multimedia online learning allows you to access your training wherever you are from any computer at any time.

2. Expected solutions for R06 and AF5
We will again be covering all the exam dates for R06 and AF5 next year and advance purchase can be made now for the next exams.

Our Expected Solution Packages offers MORE than any other training provider:

  1. Technical content for research
  2. Exam technique with access to past expected solutions and mock exams
  3. An online advice skills course

See our R06 and AF5 solutions page here for further details.

3. The Pension Freedom Effect
Panacea Adviser would like to hear advisers' thoughts on the changes introduced four years ago, how they impacted advisers' business and they choose annuities today.

The anonymous survey will take just 5-10 minutes of your time and can be taken here. Panacea Adviser will share the results with the FCA, the TSC and of course yourselves and our partners who can use the responses to enhance their service offering to advisers.


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