Enhanced Diploma Package, Financial Planning Practice course, Paraplanner award

Posted Jun 27, 2016

This update covers:

1. A new package that covers all the regulated Diploma material
2. Sample audiovisual presentation from our Financial Planning Practice course
3. Paraplanner of the Year Award - supported by Wizard Learning

1. A new package that covers all the regulated Diploma material
We have recently created an Enhanced Diploma Package that builds on the regulated diploma material included in our accredited CPD system.

If you have not already done so, we would like to invite you to now take a FREE 7 day trial of our accredited CPD system. This meets the requirements of the FCA for qualified advisers in relation to completing structured CPD. It is also ideal for trainee advisers working their way through the regulated Diploma exams. The CPD system is available for a low monthly cost enabling you to have access to:

  • Online courses for R01 to R05
  • Gap Analysis and Assessment Tools for R01 to R05
  • Compliance related courses
  •  ‘Focus On’ topics
  • Specialist courses
  • Learning to Learn study assisting courses
  • A monthly Financial Services Industry Update and assessment

The benefits of our CPD system include:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all your current and future study and CPD requirements
  • A wide range of materials available in a variety of styles
  • The ability to cross reference topics over different exam syllabuses
  • The ability to refresh knowledge over the entire Diploma syllabus at any time
  • The ability to identify training needs and carry out appropriate activities to improve in areas of weakness
  • Continuous awareness and up-to-date knowledge of industry developments
  • A record of your CPD activity through a range of exportable reports
  • The ability to include externally undertaken CPD activities within your records
  • Peace of mind in knowing that the activities you undertake within the system are recognised as structured CPD though an accredited CPD system.

How to request a free trial
To request your FREE 7 day trial, login to the website, follow the link to My Account and then click on the Apply button for the CPD System Trial. We hope that you will be able to fully explore the system during this time and see that the extensive range of materials and the choices available for how they are used provide value for money.

If you have already requested your free trial, we hope you will want to continue having access to the extensive range of materials provided and will go ahead and become a regular subscriber. Just follow the link from the homepage to Buy Accounts and we will ensure that your access to the system continues for as long as your subscription continues.

If you are a regulated diploma student
In addition, after setting up your regular payment arrangement please inform us that you are a regulated diploma student and which exam you are taking next and we will provide additional benefits under our enhanced diploma package.

For those studying for any of the R01 to R05 exams:

  • Self-marked type in assessments - an additional assessment feature that has 5 self-marked type-in questions per learning outcome plus a final assessment to be taken at the end of your studies. Take an assessment after studying each online chapter as an ideal way to revise and test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Financial Planning Practice online course that provides a complete view of the advisory process. The full contents of the course can be viewed here.

R06 exam:

  • 25% discount on our R06 expected solution package - this includes a full and detailed analysis of both exam case studies. You can request a discount code using the ‘contact us’ page when you have entered the R06 exam.

We look forward to hearing from you to set up either your system trial access or when you are making a purchase.

2. Financial Planning Practice course sample video
This audiovisual presentation looks briefly at an overview of an example investment process and is included in our Financial Planning Practice course available with the R06 and AF5 expected solution packages.

Taxation and self-assessment

3. Paraplanner of the Year Award - supported by Wizard Learning
This highly prestigious award has established itself as the ultimate award for UK Paraplanners, whatever their levels of experience. It's designed to test a Paraplanner’s core knowledge and skills, and provides a platform for Paraplanners to demonstrate their all round excellence.

The lucky winner will be entitled to a fantastic range of prizes, including a place at the CISI Financial Planning Annual Conference in October and access to the Wizard Learning accredited CPD system for 12 months plus online exam support for 3 years. A special technical award will also be made to the Paraplanner with the best result in the technical questionnaire. The winners will be announced at the glittering Gala Awards Dinner at the CISI Financial Planning Annual Conference on the evening of 4 October 2016.

For more information including how to enter see here.

Training modules
All training modules can be purchased from our training directory, that can be viewed here, we will automatically include our Learning to Learn package containing 5 online skills courses.


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