CPD system receives accreditation

Posted Mar 06, 2014

The focus of the FCA is on advisers taking their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) more seriously, and not just treating the requirement to keep their knowledge up to date as a tick-box exercise. The Wizard Learning CPD system has been designed to meet the FCA requirements and we are pleased to announce that the system has just been accredited by the Institute of Financial Planning.

The CPD system presents information at the mandatory level in a structured format. The monthly CPD updates alone gives an adviser 18 hours of structured relevant CPD each year. The additional modules, which may be used to identify and address other knowledge gaps, are also structured and overall the system provides a potential 300 hours of CPD. So there will be no difficulty in obtaining all 35 hours from this one system.

All Wizard Learning and external CPD will be stored on our server on a permanent basis. Our flexible CPD recording tool allows you to display and export your CPD over any date range and you can also print or export to excel or PDF.

Existing CPD system subscribers have been invited to spread news of the benefits of the CPD system and the free 7 day trial with the following presentation.

Presentation: Which CPD camp are you in?
If you know any financial advisers that may be interested in “CPD Camp Happy” please send them this presentation link.

The following summarises the requirements of IFP accreditation. Full details of the contents of the CPD system are detailed here.

accredited cpd system

Wizard Learning - Accredited training and CPD provider
Accredited training and CPD providers represent excellence in providing training and CPD material and services. Wizard Learning has been assessed by the Institute of Financial Planning and demonstrate the ultimate in professionalism through the calibre of their training and CPD services.

Accredited training providers must meet the IFP's strict criteria and provide the highest standards of training and CPD.

“I would thoroughly recommend using the Wizard Learning CPD system for your entire CPD recording; it is independent of any accrediting body, inexpensive, useful and so flexible that people will actually use it.” Karen Malin, Managing Director, TheGIConsultant.com Limited
Standards International have reviewed the CPD system and their report says:

  • The contents of the courses are detailed and of good technical content
  • The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Content is good technically and for ease of reading and understanding
  • Audio presentations have good content and structure
  • The Learning to Learn skills courses are very useful
  • The CPD system recording tool covers all the areas required by the FCA to be recorded and evidenced for good quality CPD and which is required by adviser’s SPS accreditation body
  • This is a really good system for individuals and firms to use.
"I've just signed up for the CPD system. I have been searching for ages for a product like this. I also love the payment method and at less than £20 a month I will continue indefinitely, in fact everyone should take it!" Alan Moran FPFS Chartered Financial Planner, Interface Financial Planning Limited
"Wizard Learning's CPD system includes a structured monthly update that covers all the major aspects of financial services. In addition the full CPD system's content is wide ranging and in depth.  It’s more than just an FCA ticking box exercise and has real merit as a knowledge updating tool. I find it immensely useful and I recommend it to all financial advisers." Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb

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