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Posted Nov 19, 2013

Our wide range of online training products, services and facilities has proved incredibly successful - we have over 15,000 registered users and that number is growing as more and more satisfied customers recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

Wizard Learning was established in 2003 and in the last decade we have developed a diverse range of online learning materials, including our bestselling R06 and AF5 expected solution packages. All of our products and programmes are under constant review as we strive to keep up to date with the latest industry developments and to improve the experience for the learner.

We are continually refining our training programs, adding invaluable material to our CPD system and monitoring the effectiveness of the Wizard Learning system that delivers all of this to your desktop or tablet. Recent enhancements to our range include audio and audiovisual presentations within our regulated Diploma in Financial Planning online multimedia courses and in our popular CPD system.

We also provide regular audiovisual presentations on training items that we feel are relevant and of particular interest to advisers.

We are committed to helping those following - or wishing to pursue - a career in the financial services industry. Working with us, advisers achieve better marks in higher level qualifications and are able to maintain this knowledge through effective continuous professional development delivered via our CPD system

The links below are to our most popular online training modules and to our CPD system.

R06 The Expected Solution Package CPD SYSTEM AF5 The Expected Solution Package

r06 solution

CPD tool

af5 slution

R01 - R05 Assessments All training modules
CF J0 R0 AF FA CeMAP CeFA Compliance CPD
R01 - R05 online courses
 RO assessments

adviser exams

 RO courses

Five online courses which cover learning skills on: time management, exams, study, reading and memory - provided FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase any training module from Wizard Learning.

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Wizard Learning Ltd

Provider of award winning online training and CPD system for financial advisers and financial services professionals

We are committed to helping you gain higher level qualifications and maintain this knowledge through effective continuous professional development.

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