Chartered offer

Posted Dec 03, 2014

If you are a previous purchaser and would like to subscribe to our accredited CPD system and also have access to all our AF1 to AF5 training modules then we can provide access by way of a discounted monthly payment. This offer will be available for a short period only, for more details please contact us quoting your username.

It is a regulatory requirement for financial advisers to retain their diploma knowledge and our accredited CPD system allows you to do this by identifying diploma knowledge gaps AND providing full diploma level online courses to fill these gaps.

Even if you are not planning on taking further exams right away then maintaining good diploma knowledge is vital to satisfy the regulatory requirements. In addition keeping exam level diploma knowledge makes studying for Chartered so much easier.

The advanced diploma exams are based on the knowledge from the diploma exams so in theory, there should be nothing new in the exam if you have passed the relevant diploma exams and maintained that knowledge through effective CPD. There is therefore no additional study text for the advanced diploma exams, just additional support by way of case studies and practice questions. Our accredited CPD system is designed to enable you to maintain diploma knowledge at a low monthly fee.

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