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Addressing the T&C Rules

posted : May 22, 2020
Article explaining the requirements

You’ve done your CPD, but are you competent?

posted : Apr 29, 2020
CPD and maintaining competence system

Diploma Re-Evaluation

posted : Oct 10, 2018
Proving knowledge by assessment

Expected solutions for R06 and AF5

posted : May 29, 2018
The Wizard Learning Expected Solution Packages offers MORE than any other training provider

Enhanced Diploma Package

posted : May 28, 2018

R08 assessments

posted : Sep 30, 2015

Doing the right CPD

posted : Sep 29, 2015
‘R’ you doing the right CPD?

Identify diploma knowledge gaps

posted : Dec 05, 2014
It is a regulatory requirement for financial advisers to retain their diploma knowledge. Our accredited CPD system identifies diploma knowledge gaps AND provides the learning material to fill these gaps.

Chartered offer

posted : Dec 03, 2014
Chartered Financial Planner training offer

Course updates for CPD

posted : Oct 21, 2014
The main changes to the R01 to R05 online courses

Free CPD recording tool

posted : Feb 01, 2014
ANYONE can use our FREE CPD recording tool, this is a FREE service available to everyone.

CPD system free trial

posted : Jan 31, 2014
CPD system information

R06 exam requirements

posted : Dec 18, 2013
About the exam and The Expected Solution Package

AF4 study package

posted : Sep 26, 2013
AF4 Invetment planning study package is now available

Is a free CPD system trial worthwhile?

posted : Sep 11, 2013
An enjoyable, affordable, very easily managed and time efficient way to meet your structured CPD requirements

Data Protection Online Course

posted : Nov 16, 2012
CPD system includes our data protection online course

The benefits of the Financial Crime online course

posted : Nov 02, 2012
New Financial Crime online course

FREE Learning to Learn - 5 skills courses

posted : Jul 30, 2012