Is a free CPD system trial worthwhile?

Posted Sep 11, 2013

Is a free CPD system trial worthwhile?
David Haines says:

"As you may know Wizard Learning currently offers a 30 day free trial of their CPD system. So is it worth your time evaluating this?

Until a few years ago I was a self employed IFA originally with DBS and later with Sesame. Since leaving the industry I have worked from home in Cornwall undertaking a wide variety of telephone marketing projects for financial services firms and individuals. During that time I have had the pleasure of helping Wizard Learning with a number of Wizard projects. Currently I am helping them to promote the Wizard Learning CPD system’s 30 day free trial offer and I may well have spoken to some of you regarding this.

Since commencing this project I have looked at a number of alternative CPD offers and have independently reached the conclusion that what is on offer from Wizard Learning is, in my opinion, an unbeatable value for money ‘package’. My conclusion is that it offers an enjoyable, affordable and perhaps most importantly, very easily managed and time efficient means of coping with the structured CPD requirements.

So: if you haven’t already explored what is included and taken advantage of the free trial offer then I would simply say don’t hesitate. You can see what is included and how to activate your free trial on the CPD system information page."

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