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Testimonials from users of our online training modules for the CII diploma in regulated financial planning exams (RO exams) and the diploma in financial planning (JO exams)

“I think that the R06 expected solutions produced by Wizard definitely helped me pass and I would recommend them to colleges taking the exam.” Mike Haycox, Positive Solutions

"I have used your subject knowledge questions and found them extremely useful. I set myself a tough challenge in July and took JO2, JO5 and JO6 by a quirk of fate all on the same day. I passed all 3 with a distinction in JO5. Wizard Learning was a great help in preparation." Jerry Musselwhite, PSP Insurance & Financial Solutions

“A big thanks to Wizard Learning for pretty much pre empting every question likely to be asked in the RO6 exam I sat. The study content and your R06 expected solution was second to none and played a big part in my success.” Matt Pearson

"I have just received my result for J05 which I passed. I now go onto do AF3 again using your online support material." Christian Thal-jantzen, Bromige

"I passed R06, the expected solutions were a fantastic help, saving time , focused the mind on exam technique and well worth the money, thank you." John Hardwicke APFS, Chartered Financial Planner, AVIVA

"Wizard Learning has been a valuable tool in support of my recent certificate exam passes. The multiple choice questions are similar to the questions that you are asked in the actual CII exam and I achieved passes in excess of 90%. I also sat other J0 papers and passed with the help of your package. I have your online course for JO5 which will give me the confidence and assets to pass." Marc Hunt

“The R06 Expected Solution was an excellent aid and helped me pass the R06 exam. Great time saver and raises some questions that you may not think of.” Steve Wilson, Alan Steel

"I passed JO2 first time. I found both your examination papers very useful preparation, particularly the examiner marked one, the comments were so useful in pinpointing what the CII examiners are looking for." Veronica Hughes, Fielding FS Ltd

“I passed R06. Your expected solution was very useful and worth the spend.” John Ross, Ashcourt Rowan

“Wizard Learning have been a huge help in passing my RO exams, I have also just passed R06 and thanks very much for your R06 Expected Solution Package.” David Hastie, Stewart Hastie Asset Management Ltd

“Thanks to the help of your site I have just passed several diploma exams.” Les Gregory, Park Row

"A big thank you in getting me through R06. Your expexted soloution package was well structured and prepared me for exactly what to expect. My pass would not have been achieved without your kit. Worth every penny! Shane Jago, LFS & Partners Ltd

"I would just like to place on record my thanks for helping me achieve a pass in my R01 exam. I found this website extremely useful.!" Simon Treherne

“I had J05 results and passed first time. Second subject I've used Wizard Learning for, second I've passed first time. The practice questions are good, but I would always recommend the Tutor Marked Exam to get feedback. Have been recommending you to anyone I know taking exams.” Chris Wilkins,  RS Financial Solutions

“I passed R02 this morning at the first time of asking! I am so pleased as I know a lot of people resitting this exam many times before passing. Your training packages are the best in the market and I will continue to use and recommend to colleagues.” Ross Coombes

“I passed RO6 and welcomed your expected solution package. Having narrowly failed first time round it reminded me that there are no short cuts and the syllabus must be fully studied. Your tools helped me condense what I had learnt and apply it. I also passed R03 after buying your material” Anthony Ward, Blackstone IFA

"I passed R06 and found your R06 expected solution service invaluable and I doubt I would have passed by such a healthy margin without it - thanks for your help. Will definitely use the same service for AF5" Colin Tomlinson, Adviser

"Passed with the help of your J05 online training, found it very useful to be able to test as you go and not have to stick to reading study books all the time." Nigel West , Brian Mole

"I have used your online courses and told friends about Wizard Learning and how brilliant your site is!" Geraldine Pullinger, Legal & General

"Results in for my exam and I passed, your online course and assessments helped. I will be using you again for further exams." Osian Rees, IRP Wealth Planning

"Passed my diploma exam today could not have achieved this without Wizard Learning. Thank you so very much.” Phil Rapier, Lighthouse Temple Limited

"I passed J04 first time, thank you for the content on your site. I gained the confidence that I knew my subject from using your training. The tutor marked exam pushed me over the edge of being nervous about it, to being comfortable that I knew enough to squeeze
through and that with some final polishing I'd make sure I'd pass. Thank you so much." Chris Wilkins

“I am very impressed with the service you provide. I recently passed my diploma exams and believe that Wizard Learning really helped me to test my knowledge whilst I was revising hence why I am using your services again. I wish I had discovered Wizard Learning when I was sitting my previous exams it would certainly have helped me. I have also been verbally advertising your services which I think are good value for money.” Shasta Buno

"Just thought I'd share good news, I passed a further 2 diploma exams in October meaning I completed the diploma in 1 year. A massive part of this has been the testing and learning I have completed via Wizard Learning - so THANK YOU." Ian Green, CBL

"I passed J06 with the help of your practice exam package, it certainly gets you into the exam mode and helps you understand what to expect." William Douglas, Oakworth Consultancy

"I have passed J06. I used the online course and the subject knowledge questions which I found very useful especially considering that this was my first Diploma level exam and I was used to multiple choice questions from the Certificate level exams. I would recommend Wizard Learning and their products to anyone studying for the exams. I have in fact purchased more accounts from you since." Matthew Cook, MacIntosh James & Partners Limited

“I passed J05 with distinction, Wizard Learning helped a lot, thanks.” Bill Perkins, Pine Lodge

"I passed my personal taxation exam and used your training modules, it's much easier to learn using interactive material." Katie White, Whitehead Monckton

"I passed J06 first time. I will shortly register for JO5 and hope to make it a hat trick of first time passes with Wizard Learning." Steve Rilley, Scottish Widows

"Completed the J02 exam today. Thanks for the subject knowledge questions, they really helped!" Christopher Fallon

"Your J06 practice exam package is really good. It’s a great way to prepare." Greg Brown, David Kelly Associates

"I needed confidence and your J05 training modules gave me the opportunity to test what I had learned. It also gave me access to far more questions than were available via the CII." Laura Emerson, BDO

“Love the site, to date you've helped me pass three diploma exams. I am a big advocate of the site and have recommended it to several colleagues.” Gary Phillips, Positive Solutions

"I don't think I would have passed without the Wizard Learning J05 online course." Caroline Foster, Newton Abbot

“Wizard Learning definitely helped me with my pensions exams. The question banks on each subject are very good and by doing the tests the results give a good indication as to whether or not it is likely that the actual exam will be passed and also helps to identify the areas of weakness.” Susan Mawhinney, Susan Mawhinney Consultancy Services

"I have passed my diploma exams with the help of Wizard Learning, thank you. Previously I was using another website which I don't use any more as I prefer yours." Karl Watts

"Without exception all our members found Wizard Learning extremely beneficial for their certificate and diploma studies, thanks for the service." Christine Gatward, 4most Ltd

“I would like to thank you all at Wizard Learning website for getting me through my exams. The online training facility has been an enormous help to me. I took a further three exams this year J05, HR1 and CF8 and passed them all first time to obtain the Chartered Financial Planner status.” Geoff Goodall, Medaccount Financial

"You diploma assessment package keeps you engaged, far better than falling asleep with a course book. Helped me pass the exam." Imelda Young, Baxter Fensham Ltd

“I thought I would write to say thank you for the excellent study aid of Wizard Learning. I had my diploma results today and I passed. Mainly thanks to you." Diana Shears, Diana Shears Financial Services

“The first time I sat my personal taxation exam I had a very narrow fail and having purchased the Wizard Learning training modules I passed the exam. I have now purchased the online training for the other exams I am taking." Ash Pankhania, Watermead Financial

"The diploma investment modules were a really valuable tool and was a major factor in my passing." Helen Henderson, Burns Anderson

"The diploma investment training modules helped me to consolidate the learning process and focus on subject elements. Represents good vale for money and helped me pass the exam." Craig Northway, Winterthur

"Thanks to all your hard work on your products I've now passed 3 diploma exams. I've got my Diploma. Unfortunately it doesn't mean no more exams ever so next I will think about Chartered using Wizard Learning." Bill Perkins

"I would just like to say how good your training course was, it was really very helpful and well worth the money. I would defiantly recommend you to anyone.” Stephen Todd, Black Swan Capital


"Just to let you know I passed my diploma pensions exam. I know you definitely helped me pass this exam and I recommend Wizard Learning to anyone. The multiple choice and case study tests online was a much better way of studying than reading the book on it's own. Having questions fired at me and building up knowledge that way was extremely helpful." David Simons, Scottish Life

"I found Wizard Learning's online training modules an essential part of my diploma studies. I often find with these exams that varying the study method keeps me interested, and Wizard Learning is the ideal tool to dip in and out when not reading or taking notes. Very much recommended." David Murray, Turcan Connell

"Your J05 Pension Income Options online course is a must have." Jonathan Huntley, Duncan Lawrie

"I passed my pensions diploma exam, the most beneficial elements of your online course was that the information was delivered in plain English. The short audiovisual explanations in several of the key areas were also very helpful." Mark Popple, Zenith Wealth Creation Ltd

"I just wanted to say "thanks". I have passed my personal taxation exam, which I am stunned at, but I have to say that without the format of study that Wizard Learning facilitated I would not have had any chance of passing." Lee Tomkins, Blackdown Financial