Testimonials - Certificate

Testimonials from users of our online training modules for the CII's certificate exams (CF exams)

“I just wanted to feed back that I passed the CF6 exam last week.  The exam question content of your site was bang on.” Mark B from Chelmsford, Essex

"Passed CF8 with a score of 89%. Your content and the various excercises were absolutely the reason why I passed. Obviously, I had to put the work in, great for when I want to spend 5 minutes learning and for those times when I want to spend substantially more. Easy to navigate. I will certainly use Wizard again for my next exam. I have already recommended Wizard to all my colleagues. Thank you once again." Ian Caplan, Sheafmoor Money Management Ltd

"I passed CF6 yesterday first time and I don't think I would have done it without your CF6 assessment package, best there is for learning without a doubt and I'll be purchasing more in the future. Thanks Wizard Learning!!" Kim Brown, Virgin Money

"Thanks for helping me pass CF8 and ER1. I found the wide ranging questions and their format really useful." Eric Norman-Walker, MWM

"The assessment package questions were a great help with my CF6 revision. Thank you." Lynne Chang

"Just a short note to say thanks, I passed the ER1 equity release exam this week. Your online training certainly helped me. I will recommend you to colleagues." Charles Martin

"Thank you so much for your help with the CF8 exam.  I am pleased to say I passed, and that using your exam study assessments and case studies greatly increased my chances of success." Linda Samson, Throgmorton Private Capital

"Passed FA1 in double quick time thanks to your site. It was a little surprising that a few more of the others at the testing centre weren't using your site but I let them know how helpful it was to me." Roger Moore, AXA

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the content of the training for CF8 which I passed at the first attempt. Whilst I read the written material I had been issued with, I do believe that you cannot beat taking tests as you learn with greater speed. The questions were also pretty much in line with the questions on the actual exam, so I just wanted to say thanks very much and I shall definitely be using your site again." Keith Jayne, Eclipse

"Passed my CF6 this morning. Just to say many thanks your website was a great help." Edward Mc Donald, Voyager

“Wizard Learning probably made the difference in terms of me passing the certificate exams. I would recommend it to everyone as a must have study aid.” Pete Sears, Norwich Union

“I passed my certificate exams and Wizard Learning helped a lot. All our members of staff are encouraged to gain qualifications and the company pays for Wizard Learning for any employee taking exams.” Lynn Speed, MGP Ltd

“Thanks for a wonderful service. I am certain I would have failed some of my certificate exams without it.” Paul Campion, Financial Management Group

“I've passed CF8 and was very pleased with the online training received from Wizard Learning.” Sam Jones, Rowan & Co

“Wizard Learning helped me a lot with all my certificate exams and have recommended it to others.” Juergen Schumacher, GAEIA Partnership Ltd

"I received my exam result and I am pleased to say that I passed! I can certainly say that the use of your website contributed greatly to my examination successes and for that I am very grateful! Thank you Wizard Learning!" Lynne Chang

In the qualifications ladder section of the New Model Adviser, financial adviser Penny Hurrell of firm CBK when asked if she has got any tips to pass on to others who are going to sit the equity release exam recommends Wizard Learning.

"I answered a range of different questions on CF8 from your assessment package over and over then magically passed. Without doubt, these questions highlighted my shortfalls to address them, retain them and apply them." Hugh May, Pacific

“I am pleased to let you know that I passed my CF1 exam yesterday and I believe Wizard helped me with that. I used your CF1 assessment package a lot in the time before my exam and it was a good help.” Dominic McLoughney, Becketts

"I have now completed 4 certificate exams and have found your web site an extremely helpful source of training. Thank you." Caroline Monro

“I passed the another CF exam and again found Wizard Learning very helpful. I will be subscribing to further packages shortly.” Pauline McConnell, Scottish Life

"I passed FA2 after using your site, the questions were very good." Brenda Bradley

“I would like to convey my congratulations on running an excellent site. It has helped me pass exams my certificate exms with 90% average! I have no doubt it will help me to continue to pass in the future, there's nothing better than practice, practice, practice to get that knowledge embedded!” Michael Basi

"Signed up for your online assessments to help me with my exam - passed it yesterday. Was a bit frustrated at first with your timer mechanism for the questions, however this really helps with focus and assists with the actual examination time pressure.  The random questions content was pretty good. Wouldn't have passed without it." Mark Cuthbertson, Jaffreys Independent Financial Advisers

"Took and passed the CF8 exam today. It was easier than I imagined and the Wizard Learning question bank positively helped." Chris Fallon, Force 4 Mortgages Limited

“I found Wizard Learning really useful. A great site, the questions really help you prepare for the exams, I don't think I would have passed my certificate exams without the use of the site.” Joanne Woodland, BUPA

"Many thanks for Wizard Learning's assistance that helped me to secure passes in my certificate exams." Jeremy P Croysdill, Kleinwort Benson

"I would like to thank Wizard Learning for having an excellent facility for mock practice tests. With your website help I was able to pass my certificate exam. It's really very well structured. Once again I would like to thank all of you who have designed this." Ritesh Bhatt

"I passed another CF exam and I again used the assessment package to help me study. Once my scores consistently attain 90%+ I am then comfortable with sitting the exam. Twice I have used wizard and the results speak for themselves. A must for all exam studies." Jeremy Turner

“I passed my CF8 exam, Wizard Learning helped a lot. I was impressed with the Wizard system and am just starting on my next subject CF2 using the assessment package.” Glynn Leaney Cert PFS, GL Consultancy

"I loved your set up with the certificate assessment packages and they were a huge help in getting me through the exam." Seamus Madden, MGM Assurance

"Just thought I'd drop you a line and say I passed my exam with a mark of 85%. It goes without saying that your invesment assessment package contributed towards this mark and I would just like to say thanks!" Jeremy Turner

“I passed my exam ER1 confident you helped, many thanks.” Nicholas Johnson, Positive Solutions

"Very glad to have passed my exam in under an hour today. I have also used Wizard to pass two other exams in the last few months." Brian Hill, The Independent Consultancy

"I recently signed up for the Wizard Learning multiple choice test papers re CF8. I don't often give testimonials, but having given myself only 3 weeks to pass the exam, I thought that this was a good investment. I will be signing up for my next exam with you for sure, money very well spent!." Gordon Clark, Independent Financial Adviser

"I would like to thank you for the great help that your website has been to me whilst preparing for my certificate exams. I believe that it is your sets of questions that helped me go through each exam stress free and achieve above 90% score each time. I will be recommending your site to everyone studying for their qualifications. Well done and keep up the good work." Alex Sasin

“I passed CF6 this morning. Thanks very much. I found your assessments invaluable.” Keith Beck

"Thanks to your website I passed my ER1 exam yesterday. I would have struggled without the practice tests."  Lee Braybrook

"Thank you for the facilities of your various assessments which helped me prepare for the exams. I certainly would have struggled without your system. Just to let you know I passed CF2 and Wizard was a big player in the revision process so many thanks." Robert Wyatt , Wyatt IFA

“I passed two CF exams and found Wizard learning to be really helpful. Will be using Wizard Learning for CF2 & CF5 next.” John Khan, Prosperis

"I took and passed the CF1 examination today. Thank you Wizard Learning for your great help." Judith Etheridge, Prestwood Etheridge Holdings

"I thought I'd let you know that I passed my exam yesterday. This site has really been a great help!! Many thanks." Ruth Matthews, Brian Vallely Kellands

"I am most impressed with the subjects I have already taken and having now completed The Certificate of Financial Planning through the help of the site am now going onto the Advanced Qualifications." Mrs B Scobie, Chartered Financial Management Ltd

"It was thanks to Wizard Learning's Long Term Care that I got through the exam." Peter Maxwell-Lyte, Maxlyte Financial Positive Solutions

"I have used your excellent website to assist me in passing exams CF1,CF3 and CF4. Our company use Wizard Learning with all our trainees." Dominic McLoughney, Becketts

"Just a quick note of gratitude - thanks to Wizard Learning I have just managed to pass CF8." Phil Homer, Forward Planning

"Thank you for your training module it was a great help. A really excellent service, I will be recommending to my peers who are also going through these exams." Will Myers, Conforto

"I passed my CF1 exam I would like to say the site has been an invaluable resource. The assessment package questions helped with revision and are similar to those in the exam which greatly helped. The online course text material was also very useful being easy to read and only at the level required for the specific exam which is a good thing." Josh Butten

"I've passed my exam mainly due to the Wizard Learning online training. I have recommended you to a number of colleagues and IFAs already. I think your training service is brilliant." Graham Cater, Legal & General

"Many thanks for this fantastic service provided, it has helped me to sail straight through my certificate exams. I have have recommended your site to my colleagues and training dept." Daniel Hood, HBOS