Testimonials - Diploma

Testimonials from users of our online training modules for the CII diploma in regulated financial planning exams (RO exams) and the diploma in financial planning (JO exams)

"A big thank you to Wizard Learning! Such a great training/learning platform and the use of such has helped me to pass J12 this afternoon! Thank you so much." Ken McIntosh, SFIA Ltd

"Have been using Wizard Learning for ten years throughout study for various exams and it really works for me. The site is quick and easy to use, the questions I feel are testing and in line with the CII’s - overall I believe it offers really good value for money. I would highly recommend!" Matthew Cook, MacIntosh James & Partners Limited 

"I have passed R06 and completed my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, having failed it once before I honestly don't think I could have got through it without Wizard Learning online support - thanks very much." Daniel Walker

“Wizard Learning is a must, it is so much more enjoyable to read than the CII text book and a lot less demanding. I have now passed R02, R03 and R04 using Wizard Learning and recommend it to everybody that asks me for help with the CII R0 Exams. I will be using it to gain chartered status in the near future. Keep up the great work!” Joseph Homes

"Better version of CII material in so much as I don't open the CII books, just use Wizard Learning online for study and tests and so far it's working!" Ceri Evans

"Wizard Learning's Gap Analysis & Assessment Tool was a great help to me in
passing R01 first time. The convenience of the short mocks and being able to
access them on my phone made them easy to slot into everyday life." Ben Payne/Smith & Pinching Financial Services

"It's not an overstatement to say that without the Wizard Learning R06 expected solution I would not have passed the exam. It gave me vital focus before of the exam." Iain Summers

“I have used Wizard Learning for all of the R0 modules and passed each first time. The training really helps bring the topics to life and the information soak in.” Amy Brown/Investec Wealth & Investment

“I have now used Wizard Learning for 3 exams and feel that I would not have passed any of them without Wizard Learning. The questions were very similar to the exam questions. I would have had a completed shock if I had not used Wizard Learning.” Alison Pearson/Stirling House Partnership

“I passed my R04 Exam!! Very happy indeed. This was achieved through using only your online course and the gap analysis tool - no CII material whatsoever.” Ben Tansley

“The R01 online course was really useful, it's simple and easy to understand, it assumes no knowledge prior so anyone can pick it up and understand, something I haven't found in other revision materials, they assume you already have a certain level of understanding so a lot of it can be confusing but not with Wizard Learning. Bite size sections also makes it easier to complete as you can do sections at a time.” Clare Scott

“I would just like to pass on my thanks to you for your online courses and gap assessments I purchased for RO1 and RO2 recently. The content of the online courses was superb and easy to read also the assessment questions and variance of questions available really helped my studies and enabled me to pass both first time. Your content is so much easier to read and understand than the CII, I wish they would take note!” Ryan Kemp

“I have just passed RO5 which now means I have managed to pass RO1 to R05 in 2 months using your website which I don't think would have be possible without it. Your website is far more user friendly than the CII text books, so a big thank you from me.” Philip Jones - True Potential

“I stumbled across Wizard Learning when struggling with the dry content of the CII work
books. I am now near to diploma having passed most of the RO exams and will always use Wizard Learning as part of my studies through to advanced level. ” Deborah Duchy IFA

“A really BIG THANK YOU to Wizard Learning!! I passed my RO6 today which means I now have my Diploma and could not have done it without your R06 Expected Solution Package. I have colleagues that are struggling with this exam, so I will definitely recommend your Expected Solution to them.” Sandra Barker, AXA

"A massive thanks to Wizard Learning, I have passed my 6th and final R0 today. I failed R01 and was recommended you by a colleague. Since then I've gone on to pass all R0's using your training modules as a core revision aid for each, passing all at the first attempt, something I believe wouldn't have been possible without the online tools provided by Wizard Learning.  I would recommend Wizard Learning to anybody."  Joshua Ferris, Pinnacle FP

“I don't know how I would have passed the R06 exam without the information from Wizard Learning's R06 Expected Solution Package as I always seem to be time poor these days and having this info just put in front of me more than compensates for the cost, thanks.” Dave Jones, KRD Financial Advisers limited

"Quite frankly I had struggled with a number of exams and failing miserably. Deflated I was recommended Wizard Learning by a colleague. An eureka moment, to date I have signed up to three modules, RO1, RO3, and CF8. I am delighted to say I genuinely passed each exam at the first attempt. You still need to put the time in however, the questions and text is an easy read much easier to follow and practice than the CII workbooks. I fully endorse this learning facility." David Lee, St. James's Place

“I passed J10 to get to FPFS, using the Wizard Learning package. I've used it pretty much all the way through and I'm a big advocate.” Greg Moss

"I have really benefitted from using your training modules for R01 to R06 and have recommended Wizard Learning to everyone I know who works in this industry." Philippa Maffioli, Blyth Richmond Investment Managers 

“Passed R06, the expected solution you provided was excellent, to the point and covered all the areas that were required for the exam. It certainly zones you into the areas that need to be revised with some excellent advice on how to approach the exam. I have recommended that my colleagues invest in their future and buy your package.” Alistair Wallace, Gemini Wealth Management Limited

“Having not taken a CII written exam previously I wasn't sure what to expect
or how the answers would be marked.  Your J06 expected solution package pointed me in the right direction and got me prepared for the style of question I would be up
against.  Thank you."  Stuart Croft, Allotts Financial Services Limited

“Just passed RO2 thanks for your online multimedia course and gap analysis tool, yet again Wizard Learning has helped me through first time.” Paul Clifford, Hoare Jacques

“ I managed to pass J02 (with distinction!), no doubt in part to the help of the Wizard learning study package. I've therefore just started getting my head back into study mode in preparation for the AF1 exam and finding your AF1 study package very helpful already." Jonathan Stubbs, PFP Ltd

“Purchased your R06 Expected Solution Package and just found out this morning that I passed. The expected solution was pretty spot on, and I now have my diploma thanks to your material for R06, R02 and R03. Thank You!” Claire Potter, HSBC

“Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I have purchased from many financial training sites, but Wizard Learning is a cut above the rest. The test questions closely resemble those asked in the CII exams! I have achieved over 90% in all exams thanks to Wizard Learning!" Harvey Pritchard

"I passed the R06 exam and found your R06 the expected solution paper to be pretty spot on. Would definitely use you again and recommend Wizard Learning to friends and colleagues alike." Nikki Hadley, HSBC

"I passed R05 this morning, which not have been possible without the use of your revision and mock exams, thank you" Simon Chapman,Yasoss Ltd

“I wanted to let you know how fantastic the R06 Expected Solutions Package was. I had taken R06 twice before trying to do what you do. The problem was it took 2 weeks to complete leaving me no time to revise. The quality and breadth of the content in your solution gave me a whole week to revise. On the exam day, literally, all of the answers to the questions were contained within your Expected Solutions, and I felt enormously confident looking at the exam paper. I just received my result and passed! So, thank you very much.” Jason Porter - Credit Suisse

"The audiovisual presentations in the R02 online multimedia course are a big help and assist learning and make a change from just reading the book. The examples of calculations are also a great help as the CII book is not always clear in its approach." Andrew Moore, ADM Consultants Ltd.

“The fantastic thing about the Wizard Learning R03 Gap Analysis and Assessment tool is that it gives you a chance to answer multiple response questions as well as the standard multiple choice. With these questions you get up to 6 possible answers and any two or more answers may be correct and you only get the mark available if you identify all correct answers. I think its vital I can practise this before the exam to be best prepared.” Josh Butten, Myers Davison Ginger

“I have just sat and passed RO1 and am writing to say thank you for putting together an excellent study package of Online Multimedia Course and Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool. I had bought the 'edlearn' from the CII but found it not very inspiring and when I saw the Wizard Learning offering I immediately bought both of your modules. Wizard Learning is infinitely better with a realistic testing base and is user friendly.” Paul Parr, PPA Financial Planning Ltd

“I just wanted to share my success with you. I sat and passed my RO1 on Friday and this is partly due to the questions provided by Wizard Learning. Your gap analysis and assessment tool helped me prepare for the exam and focus my revision on the right areas of the syllabus. I will be coming back for more help with my subsequent RO exams in the
near future." Alex Sasin

“I have passed R02 through using your excellent training material, after failing previously with the CII material. Thanks, your material was truly invaluable.” Claire Potter, HSBC

“The system used to deliver the R01 training and the quality of both the Gap Analysis system and the Online Multimedia were very good. I shall be using Wizard Learning again.” Alex Judith Williams, Statehouse

“Having recently used both your R01 training modules it was very good and represented value for money. Your also provide an excellent service and fully understands our training needs.” Rab Shields, Simple Solutions FM

"I'd just like to say a huge thank you once again to Wizard Learning. I sat the RO3 Tax exam and passed first time using your R03 Personal taxation Online Multimedia Course." Michelle Latham, Handscombes

"Wizard Learning's R01 Online Multimedia Course was extremely useful. A well thought out and well presented learning tool." Philip Legrand, Welbeck Group

“A few comments on your two excellent R01 training modules. The small se;ection of audiovisual presentations in the Online Multimedia Course are great! In the Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool I like how you can choose the number of questions, if I only have twenty minutes before leaving the office, I can quickly do a 25 question assessment. If I have longer I can do the 50 or 100 questions. The flexible navigation and the ability to tag question and return to them later are also great features.” Josh Butten, Myers Davison Ginger

"I would just like to say how pleased I am with your online training. I have just taken RO1 and passed! Your gap filling tool certainly helped and I shall be taking advantage of your service again in the near future. Once again thanks" Adrian Murgatroyd, GPR

"Thanks to your questions stretching my knowledge of some missed sections, I managed a comfortable pass in my diploma exam." John Kendall

“Many thanks for your excellent R06 expected solution. The answers were spot on and helped me to focus my revision and pass first time, despite not having the time to do anywhere near the recommended study time. The solution helped me to remember the key points that I needed for the exam, and I have no doubt that without it that I wouldn't have passed. I'm sitting the Advanced Diploma next year and will definitely be back for AF study aids which I am sure will be of the same high quality.” Steve Carlson

“I'd just like to thank you for the gap analysis and assessment tool system. I am delighted to tell you that I passed my RO1 exam and using your testing system formed a substantial part of my learning and revision” Jonathan Attenborough, Trainee Financial Adviser

“I passed R06 Exam this exam. I found your solution very helpful.” Emma Jones, Peter Jones & Associates

"Just wanted to thank you so much as used your R03 multimedia online course and it was far clearer than CII material and passed so thank you." Claire Potter, HSBC

"I am now qualified at regulated diploma level 4, Wizard Learning's RO training packages have been valuable learning tools." Ashvin Pankhania, Watermead Financial

“The R06 expected solutions were pretty much spot on, only a couple of bits out of left field in the exam, but the solutions gave me more than enough ammunition to tackle all the questions and ultimately pass this tricky exam. I will certainly be using you again in the future for my Chartered exams.” Lloyd Walton

"Passed R02 with help from your gap fill tool, love your stuff." Linda Donald

“Passed R06 thanks very much for your Expected Solution, I would have failed without it.” Geof Harrison

“After feeling confident on the exam topic, i didn't use Wizard Learning for my R04 Pensions exam... I Failed. Armed with just 14 days until the re-sit and a subscription to the 2 Wizard Learning modules, I can now happily say that not only did I pass the exam but I also felt confident throughout the exam.” Josh Butten, Adviser