Testimonials - Advanced diploma

Testimonials from users of our online training modules for the CII's advanced diploma in financial planning exams (AF exams)


"I'm only 23 and have used Wizard Learning through from RO1 through to AF5, I am now near becoming a Fellow having completed 15 CII exams mainly using Wizard Learning. Although I know the basics, due to my age my depth of knowledge isn't great and has definitely been improved by your help. I tried another training provider and thought yours gave a better learning experience and was more accurate compared to the actual exam." James Handshaw

"Just a short note to thank you and your team at Wizard amazing input into the AF5 Expected Solution. As this exam is based on everything you've always learned, it's impossible to think where to start. So, the input from your appointed specialists was comprehensive and valuable to point that I am pleased to report a 'pass'." Trevor Whiting/Core Financial LLP

“Just to say a very big thank you to all at wizard learning for their continued excellent content and simplification of the learning. I’ve used Wizard Learning for many years now and continue to find this a valuable resource and source of learning. I’m please to say I am now a chartered financial planner. Thanks a million !" Paul Clifford FPFS

“Just a quick thank you. I achieved Chartered Status today and must thank you for Wizard Learning. I have fast tracked my exams by passing 5 exams this year and have found Wizard Learning a great tool to learn and test knowledge, thanks again.” Jason Betteridge, Sutherland Independent Ltd

“I just passed AF5 to attain chartered status, the expected solution package was a huge help. Wizard Learning has been the biggest reason I have managed to get this far and I would recommend you to anyone.” David Morrans - Honour Financial Planning Ltd

"I passed AF5 in April. I passed at the 1st attempt and The Expected solution definitely contributed to my success once again many thanks." Steven Read - Jamieson Christie

"A big thanks to Wizard Learning - your materials have been invaluable. A little over 12 months ago I just had FPC and now over 15 exams later I have FPFS." Andrew Macintyre

"Thanks for the help - The AF5 expected solution was pretty much spot on and I was notified of a PASS today." David Mannion

"I would like to thank your programmes for helping me get my advanced diploma." Maureen Conroy-Lake, Millfield Partnership

“Just to let you know if passed my AF5. This was all down to your AF5 Expected Solution Package material as that is all I revised. I could not have got it without you.” Joanne Fisher - Yorkshire Bank

"I was awarded the highest achiever in the advanced diploma in financial planning at the PFS conference. I thought I would let you know that I used Wizard Learning for each of the 16 exams I have taken in the last three years and it was a core part of my revision process."  Jonathan Woodwards, St. James's Place

"I found your practice exam package for AF5 a great help. I will definitely be using you for exam support again." Stephen Greasley, Aquila Financial Management

"Thank you, I certainly was much better prepared for JO5 and AF3 with your help." Linda Simmonds

"Just to let you know that I passed AF5 and have now achived Chartered status, your AF5 expected solution package was a great help." Tina Winter

"I've learnt today that I have passed AF3 Pension planning. I am pretty sure your practice exam package helped quite a bit. Thank you for that help." Roger Williams, Investors Planning Associates

"Passed the AF3 exam with the help of your training, I appreciated the fast response to my questions. Very helpful and is good value for money." Mohanan Thandasseri, Prosper Financial

"The training provided for the AF5 examination was invaluable and I can safely say that I would not have passed without it." Shaun Kirtley

"I passed AF3, your website was a good help. The self marked and assessor marked papers and practice, in my view, could only ever be enhanced my locally run face to face sessions. Thanks for your support." Kevin O'Neill, Royal Bank Independent Financial Services

"I passed my diploma exams and also the AF1 exam. You assessments were especially useful for understanding the level of detail needed in answers. I'm a big fan of audiovisual material where a tutor goes over the tricky bits of the syllabus so these were helpful in the diploma online courses." Andrew Macintyre

“I have just made it to Chartered, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much for your invaluable help.” Fiona Sharp APFS, Chartered Financial Planner, M2 Finance 4 women

"Your AF3 Pension Planning practice exam package made me more confident and helped me enjoy the learning process. I passed the exam and found your training material was good value for money." Jackie Brown, John Morton Associates Ltd

"I have now completed my studies and achieved Chartered Status and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what is an excellent service and I will continue to recommend you to others." Jeremy Hippolite, Chartered Financial Planner