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Testimonials from users of our online training modules for the CII's certificate exams (CF exams)

"Many thanks for Wizard Learning's assistance that helped me to secure passes in my certificate exams." Jeremy P Croysdill, Kleinwort Benson

"I would like to thank Wizard Learning for having an excellent facility for mock practice tests. With your website help I was able to pass my certificate exam. It's really very well structured. Once again I would like to thank all of you who have designed this." Ritesh Bhatt

"I passed another CF exam and I again used the assessment package to help me study. Once my scores consistently attain 90%+ I am then comfortable with sitting the exam. Twice I have used wizard and the results speak for themselves. A must for all exam studies." Jeremy Turner

“I passed my CF8 exam, Wizard Learning helped a lot. I was impressed with the Wizard system and am just starting on my next subject CF2 using the assessment package.” Glynn Leaney Cert PFS, GL Consultancy

"I loved your set up with the certificate assessment packages and they were a huge help in getting me through the exam." Seamus Madden, MGM Assurance

"Just thought I'd drop you a line and say I passed my exam with a mark of 85%. It goes without saying that your invesment assessment package contributed towards this mark and I would just like to say thanks!" Jeremy Turner

“I passed my exam ER1 confident you helped, many thanks.” Nicholas Johnson, Positive Solutions

"Very glad to have passed my exam in under an hour today. I have also used Wizard to pass two other exams in the last few months." Brian Hill, The Independent Consultancy

"I recently signed up for the Wizard Learning multiple choice test papers re CF8. I don't often give testimonials, but having given myself only 3 weeks to pass the exam, I thought that this was a good investment. I will be signing up for my next exam with you for sure, money very well spent!." Gordon Clark, Independent Financial Adviser

"I would like to thank you for the great help that your website has been to me whilst preparing for my certificate exams. I believe that it is your sets of questions that helped me go through each exam stress free and achieve above 90% score each time. I will be recommending your site to everyone studying for their qualifications. Well done and keep up the good work." Alex Sasin

“I passed CF6 this morning. Thanks very much. I found your assessments invaluable.” Keith Beck

"Thanks to your website I passed my ER1 exam yesterday. I would have struggled without the practice tests."  Lee Braybrook

"Thank you for the facilities of your various assessments which helped me prepare for the exams. I certainly would have struggled without your system. Just to let you know I passed CF2 and Wizard was a big player in the revision process so many thanks." Robert Wyatt , Wyatt IFA

“I passed two CF exams and found Wizard learning to be really helpful. Will be using Wizard Learning for CF2 & CF5 next.” John Khan, Prosperis

"I took and passed the CF1 examination today. Thank you Wizard Learning for your great help." Judith Etheridge, Prestwood Etheridge Holdings

"I thought I'd let you know that I passed my exam yesterday. This site has really been a great help!! Many thanks." Ruth Matthews, Brian Vallely Kellands

"I am most impressed with the subjects I have already taken and having now completed The Certificate of Financial Planning through the help of the site am now going onto the Advanced Qualifications." Mrs B Scobie, Chartered Financial Management Ltd

"It was thanks to Wizard Learning's Long Term Care that I got through the exam." Peter Maxwell-Lyte, Maxlyte Financial Positive Solutions

"I have used your excellent website to assist me in passing exams CF1,CF3 and CF4. Our company use Wizard Learning with all our trainees." Dominic McLoughney, Becketts

"Just a quick note of gratitude - thanks to Wizard Learning I have just managed to pass CF8." Phil Homer, Forward Planning

"Thank you for your training module it was a great help. A really excellent service, I will be recommending to my peers who are also going through these exams." Will Myers, Conforto

"I passed my CF1 exam I would like to say the site has been an invaluable resource. The assessment package questions helped with revision and are similar to those in the exam which greatly helped. The online course text material was also very useful being easy to read and only at the level required for the specific exam which is a good thing." Josh Butten

"I've passed my exam mainly due to the Wizard Learning online training. I have recommended you to a number of colleagues and IFAs already. I think your training service is brilliant." Graham Cater, Legal & General

"Many thanks for this fantastic service provided, it has helped me to sail straight through my certificate exams. I have have recommended your site to my colleagues and training dept." Daniel Hood, HBOS

"Just to thank you for CF8 Long Term Care, I'm sure I would not have passed it without the assessment package! Anyone interested in these exams should use your service. It's just a shame I've finished my studies now, just as I discovered your site." Helen Lupton, Ludlow & Co

"I have successfully passed my ER1 exam. I know a lot of this was down to your easy to use system. Thank you for offering this system to brokers and I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone else." James Old, Smith James

"Your Wizard Learning online training site is wonderful it definitely got me through my Certificate in Financial planning exams." Mike Pendergast, Zen Financial Services

"Making full use of your online course, much better than the CII course book that was written to cure insomniacs!!" Brian Hill, The Independent Consultancy

"A massive thank you for all the training support that Wizard Learning provides, I would not have made it through my certificate exams without your help!" Scott Sander, PSG Consult

“ I have passed two exams first time through Wizard Learning. I have found your online training invaluable. I recommend anyone studying for an exam to use Wizard Learning. Your large data bank of questions really helps you to understand the subject area, test your knowledge and gives you confidence. I will definitely use Wizard Learning for my Diploma studies.” Annie Wright, Pensions Manager

“ I started with you in October and by 29th Nov had passed four exams. The wizard worked for me!!” Ian Smyth, Johnston Campbell Ltd

CPD system and other training

Testimonials from users of our CPD system and other online training modules for a variety of finance exams

“Wizard Learning is integral to all of our CPD requirements. Everyone within the firm benefits from the system in some way, be that through the regulatory modules, CII examination modules or the topical modules such as Workplace Pensions. Mike (the Wizard) is always on hand to help and to offer guidance on the latest regulatory changes which may affect ongoing CPD. The monthly modules are core for our team and the system provides a simple, yet thorough way of keeping up to date with industry developments whilst providing a record of our learning.” Jilly Mann  FPFS IMC, Joint Managing Director, Chartered Financial Planner, Telford Mann Ltd

“I would thoroughly recommend using the Wizard Learning CPD system for your entire CPD recording; it is independent of any accrediting body, inexpensive, useful and so flexible that people will actually use it.” Karen Malin, Managing Director of TheGIConsultant.com Limited, compliance support provider for financial services advisory firms.

"Wizard Learning's CPD system includes a structured monthly update that covers all the major aspects of financial services. In addition the full CPD system's content is wide ranging and in depth.  It’s more than just an FCA ticking box exercise and has real merit as a knowledge updating tool. I find it immensely useful and I recommend it to all financial advisers." Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb

"I've just signed up for the CPD system. I have been searching for ages for a product like this. I also love the payment method and at less than £20 a month I will continue indefinitely, in fact everyone should take it!" Alan Moran FPFS Chartered Financial Planner, Interface Financial Planning Limited

“Wizard Learning helped a lot it is a good system and I will use again.” Peter Rhodes, Nestor Partnership

“I found Wizard Learning very useful and have recommended it to my work colleagues who are also using Wizard.” Susan Mills, Legal & General

“Just passed my CeMAP 1,2 & 3, and wanted to add my testimony to your site. Really helpful site. Couldn't have done it without you. Keep up the good work.” Kunmi Awolaja

"Many thanks for your CeMap 2 online training - they helped me get 3 distinctions and a merit in CeMap 2 on Tuesday and my performance was very poor before I started with your training." Kumar Biswas

“I found Wizard Learning very useful.” Joan Llewellyn, Brian Mellor FS

“Wizard Learning helped me a lot, it added another dimension to my learning and allowed me to determine whether I had grasped what I had read which is sometimes difficult when you are studying in isolation.” Victoria Clench, Monahans Financial Services

“I passed my exam, the Wizard learning made a big difference to my preparation and will definitely use you again for my next exam.” Steve Guichard, Positive Solutions

"I would just like to praise your site. I have recently just passed CeMap 1, and if it was not for the added support of your site I would not have passed first time. I have spent a lot of time on your site, as I found it interesting, informativative and easy to grasp. I will continue with you for CeMAP 2 & CeMAP 3 and will sing your praises to anyone starting out in the direction of myself." Sharon Fletcher, Building society employee

"Having used your site for revision, I would like to let you know I found it very useful and of significant assistance. I have informed many colleagues of the benefits of Wizard Learning." David Lloyd, Tenon

"Yesterday I passed my exam, the training material available on Wizard Learning really assisted me passing these exams. Thank you and keep up the good work!.” Joseph Buhagiar

"I recently passed, my first success for many years and I can only put it down to my purchase of the online training and sample tests from yourselves, so I am grateful for that." Mark Davis, The Jelf Group

"I have just passed Cemap 2 with four distinctions and Cemap 3 with a merit. Your program is absolutely fantastic, such a great help!!" Tracy Norton

A previous member returning to Wizard Learning to recommence studies after a 2 year break commented: “Nice to see you are still around in a world where everyone moves a lot. Cheers and thanks. You have a great product.” Maureen, Millfield

“Just a note to say I think the Wizard Learning website is great.” David Korn

"In addition to detailed study of the course book and exam guides, I tended to go through each bank of wizard questions in turn until I achieved very high marks and then cemented this with the random question games. It gave the opportunity to practice repeatedly until I consistently obtained top marks. It was possible to work through questions in any spare 10 minutes." James Garrod, PMW