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April news

posted : Apr 08, 2018
AF5 and R06 expected solutions, CII results

AF5 April 2018 Expected Solution

posted : Apr 08, 2018
Available for immediate download

R06 April 2018 expected solution now available

posted : Apr 06, 2018
Available for immediate download

March news

posted : Mar 09, 2018
AF exams, AF7, expected solutions for R06 and AF5

AF7 Pension transfers - practice papers

posted : Jan 20, 2018
New module added

January news

posted : Jan 15, 2018
Study presentation, R06, accredited CPD, new testimonials

R06 January 2018 Expected Solution

posted : Jan 14, 2018
Available for immediate download

December news

posted : Dec 07, 2017
R06 and AF5, accredited CPD, study presentation

New study presentation, CPD, AF5, R06

posted : Oct 02, 2017
October news

AF5 October Expected Solution

posted : Oct 01, 2017
Available for immediate download

Update on Wizard Learning exam resources

posted : Sep 15, 2017
September update

Study presentation, business tools, AF5 and R06 solutions

posted : Aug 11, 2017
Website news

R06 expected solution and study video

posted : Jun 25, 2017
July 2017 available for immediate download and Make studying more effective presentation

R06, AF5, study presentation, significant management regime

posted : May 25, 2017
Motivated to Study presentation; expected solution packages; new regime for significant management

R06 and AF5 expected solutions

posted : Mar 28, 2017
Plus investment article, CPD and guide to HR

News article

posted : Mar 01, 2017
News on: Expected solutions for R06 and AF5; Study packages for the AF1 to AF4 exams; New video: Get organised for success; article on auto-enrolment

CII pass rates and the common mistakes of studying

posted : Feb 08, 2017
2016 CII pass rates and new study skills video

New study video, protection CPD and article

posted : Jan 25, 2017
Scheduling made easy, article - The attack on the landlord

R06 expected solution available and accredited CPD

posted : Jan 07, 2017
January 2017 and also R06 and AF5 solutions for 2017

When is it best to study video, investment CPD, Christmas

posted : Dec 14, 2016
More learning skills in our Learning to Learn course

News incl maintaining CPD and furnished holiday let alternative

posted : Dec 08, 2016
Also includes free Learning to Learn courses

Enhanced Diploma Package

posted : Dec 02, 2016

Helping small businesses with auto enrolment and maintaining CPD

posted : Nov 28, 2016
Including R01 Regulation changes

News on R06, customer survey and FSCS funding review

posted : Nov 21, 2016
News update

Expected solutions for R06 and AF5

posted : Oct 02, 2016
The Wizard Learning Expected Solution Packages offers MORE than any other training provider

News incl AF5 and R06, AF exams, CPD system

posted : Sep 26, 2016
Expected solutions now available

Video Killed the Radio Star, CPD and Gap Analysis

posted : Jul 07, 2016
Article - Will the Lifetime ISA kill the pension?

Enhanced Diploma Package, Financial Planning Practice course, Paraplanner award

posted : Jun 27, 2016
A new package that covers all the regulated Diploma material

News including R06 expected solution

posted : Jun 25, 2016
July 2016 Expected Solution available for immediate download.

R07, R06, AF5 and the Personal Savings Allowance

posted : May 11, 2016
New R07 module & start preparing for the R06 and AF5 exams

News: Revision, gap analysis and Learning to Learn

posted : Apr 08, 2016
Building gap analysis assessments into your study and revision; audiovisual presentation on revision techniques; how do the free Learning to Learn courses improve my learning skills?

AF5 and R06 solutions available, AF exam requirements

posted : Apr 02, 2016
Expected solution package now includes Financial Planning Practice online course

Dividend taxation, revision, data protection, R06 & AF5

posted : Mar 08, 2016
Website news update

CII pass rates

posted : Feb 25, 2016
CII issues 2015 pass rates

CPD, Expected solutions R06 and AF5, pension reforms

posted : Feb 11, 2016
Website news update

R06 Jan expected solution and CPD system

posted : Jan 11, 2016
R06 available and benefits of our accredited CPD system

Mobile site, expected solutions and R08

posted : Dec 18, 2015
Website news

How to get the most benefit out of using an assessment package

posted : Nov 20, 2015
Revise, identify knowledge gaps and practice on exam style questions

AF5 and R06 Expected Solutions now available for the October exams

posted : Oct 05, 2015
AF5 has 54 pages of expert analysis and R06 has 79 pages

R08 assessments

posted : Sep 30, 2015

R08 Pensions update assessments

posted : Sep 30, 2015
Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool

Doing the right CPD

posted : Sep 29, 2015
R you doing the right CPD?

The IFP Paraplanner of the Year Award goes live

posted : Jun 09, 2015
Wizard Learning provided support for the 2015 Paraplanner of the Year Award

Training modules, R06 and AF5 solutions, Virtual Paraplanner Awards

posted : May 27, 2015
Website news

Site news update

posted : Apr 07, 2015
R06 and AF5, exam news, business evolution guide

CII pass rates and CPD FAQs

posted : Apr 07, 2015
CII issues 2014 pass rates

AF5 Expected Solution now available for the April exam

posted : Apr 06, 2015
55 pages of expert analysis

R06 expected solution now available for the April exam

posted : Apr 05, 2015
71 pages of analysis.

Knowledge assessment, R06 and AF5 solutions, petition for fines to offset costs

posted : Feb 03, 2015
News update

R06 expected solution and new modules for accredited CPD system

posted : Jan 12, 2015
R06 63 pages of analysis. New focus modules on TCF and business risk awareness