Exam update: the CII announces remote exams

Posted May 18, 2020

The CII have announced their new plans to allow exams to be taken remotely.

From July, exams will be able to be sat remotely at a private location of the individual’s choice via an onscreen platform, with monitoring provided by a remote invigilator.

The first exams to be made available through this new method are the written exams due to be sat in July for R06, AF1, AF5 and AF7.

Candidates registered for these exams will be contacted directly by the CII to explain the process, but if candidates feel that this is not the right option for them, their exam will be re-scheduled for October.

All Multiple Choice exams (MCQs) scheduled for June have been postponed, but from July these will also be phased in on a remote basis, starting with the most popular papers. However, the intention is to have them all available remotely from October 2020.

Those registered for June exams should be contacted by the CII to give them the option of a postponement for a later date at an exam centre, or remote sitting when the paper becomes available.

The CII have stated their uncertainty of being able to open exam centres with appropriate social distancing in July but will keep candidates updated in line with new Government guidance as it becomes available to them.

When the CII can safely reopen MCQ exam centres candidates will have the choice of taking their MCQ exam at a centre or by remote invigilation.

This new update should now allow you to continue studying and preparing for exams regardless of the length of time that lockdown and restrictions may continue.

For more information please visit the CII website www.cii.co.uk and individual queries about planned exam sittings should be made directly to the CII.

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