AF5 October 2021 expected solution now available

Posted Sep 27, 2021

The AF5 Expected Solution for October 2021 is now available for immediate download and contains 36 pages of expert analysis.

The Expected Solution is a detailed analysis by our panel of experts of the fact-find that was issued by the CII 2 weeks prior to the exam and includes:

  • A detailed analysis of the client’s situation
  • Identification of all financial needs
  • A list of the questions that we feel could be asked together with a detailed solution

To help with your preparation the following are also included:

  • Our R01 to R05 online multimedia courses
  • Our Expected Solution for the previous 4 AF5 exams
  • An online advice skills course
  • Two online mock exams designed by our training team to help you assess your technical knowledge and get experience in the technique needed to pass the exam

Then select AF5 The Expected Solution Package


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