What are the main terms you agree to by using this website?
Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website, no liability can be accepted for any loss incurred in any way whatsoever by any person relying solely on the information contained on the website.

When using our training modules for exam preparation and revision we cannot be held responsible where users do not pass an exam. Passing exams is dependant on a number of factors that are down to the individual for example: being well prepared, understanding and being able to apply your study knowledge, undertaking additional reading to provide a better understanding of the syllabus (the exam awarding body normally recommends additional reading sources).

The full terms of use you agree to are clearly displayed at the foot of every page of the website under the "Terms" link.

Can I swap to another subject or training course?
No, you only have access to the subject purchased. Additional material must be purchased in the normal way. The Buy Accounts page when you purchased confirmed this.

We will however on request swap a training item that has been purchased through the multi-buy option PROVIDED that you have not already used any of the training, this is aimed at those that decide to study another subject.

Can I share my login?
No, the terms of purchase are based on a single user. If more than one access is required in a firm then each person MUST purchase a login. Where several employees require access we may offer a discount based on the number of users and we will supply each user with their own personal login. We reserve the right to withdraw a user’s and a firm's future access to the site if we suspect there has been group learning using a password and username.

Does a multi-buy purchase give me discounts on future purchases?
No, the multi-buy discount only applies to the items you are purchasing at that time, previous purchases are not taken into account.

Does a multi-buy purchase only apply to individuals?
Yes it does, we are able to give a good discount as there is only one record to maintain which is created by the user and all purchases are fully automated. Where a firm needs access for several people we can quote a discount against the single account/item price, for details please contact us with numbers and the training that you are interested in.

How long do I have access for?
Once you have made a purchase, you will have access for the period stated on the website at the time of purchase. You can check when your access ends by clicking on the "My account" link when you are logged in. Prior to making a purchase the access periods are show on the Buy Accounts page and the more information link beside your module. The material sells at the price stated regardless of how long you may actually require access, students can get full use of the material over a few days others prefer to access it over several months perhaps as part of a longer study plan.

What are the terms of use?
They are clearly displayed at the foot of every page of the website under the terms link.