How do I build the gap analysis assessments into my study and revision?
Our Gap Analysis and Assessment tool has been designed so that you can take not only full mock exams but also a 25 question test option. The results page at the end of the assessment shows your results split by learning outcome. You can then go to our online courses (or the CII text) available for R01 to R05 and focus your studies on your weaker areas. The number of questions from each learning outcome are weighted in the same proportion as in the exam.

We suggest that you build taking the assessments into your study plan and take them at regular intervals following further study. You should then see a gradual improvement in your results. How well you do on these assessments (before the questions start to repeat) will give you a feel for how you might fare in the exam. Taking the CII specimen paper will give you an idea as well.

Once you have viewed the 300 questions in our bank the system selects the questions in random order. Clearly, once the questions start to repeat you will not get the same benefit having already viewed the questions.

How do the gap analysis packages work and assist me with my studies?
When studying for the CII exams, it is important to ensure that the full content of the syllabus is covered. This is likely to require you to use a range of different resources (study texts, past exam papers, audio visual presentations and industry publications) from many different sources.

To help you test your existing level of knowledge in a particular subject overall or subject area and identify areas where further study may be required, the Wizard Learning Gap Analysis and Assessment Tools are the ideal solution.

Each Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool contains 300 questions drawn from across the whole Online Course study materials and includes the correct weightings and mix of question styles (standard and multiple responses) per learning outcome that you will receive in the actual exam. Our system records the question numbers you have viewed so they are not repeated until you have worked your way through the full question bank. An ongoing tracking of the questions delivered ensures that a different mix of questions is included in each assessment and that the questions do not repeat quickly. Questions are written and reviewed by subject knowledge experts with many years of experience in training and exam setting.

These features not only allow you to test your knowledge widely but also to get familiar with the types and styles of questions you are likely to be asked in the actual exam. Less surprises on the day should mean greater confidence and the ability to better focus on what you are being asked and applying your knowledge to the best of your ability.

Using any of the Wizard Learning Gap Analysis and Assessment Tools gives you a number of options. You can choose from these assessment types:

  • 25 or 50 questions delivered in revision style (30 or 60 minutes)
  • 25 or 50 questions delivered in exam style (30 or 60 minutes)

For R01 and R02 you also have the option to take a full mock exam of 100 questions.

Using the revision style allows you to view the answer after every question, whereas with the exam style you complete all the questions in the same manner as you would do in the actual exam and receive the answers when the assessment is completed.

While taking each assessment you can skip and tag questions to revisit and review before completion. Additionally, if you have to stop any assessment before reaching the end, a built-in 'recovery' feature within the system will automatically retain your score and record the last question that was in view. When you then restart the same assessment, you will automatically begin the assessment at the question following the last question that was last in view. The system moves you to the following question to avoid the situation where a question could be viewed and then a person exits the assessment to research the answer. As our system is used for mock exams in some firms as well as general revision this feature makes it suitable for taking a mock exam. A clock within the assessment shows the expected and elapsed time for each assessment, although you can take as long as you need.

Regardless of the style of assessment you choose, both include all the following features:

  • Total marks scored and percentage
  • Marks and percentage scored for each learning outcome
  • Questions you answered incorrectly along with the correct answer are detailed against each learning outcome (this is not saved so you need to print the page if you want to retain these details)
  • Ability to print the results report detailing your results
  • Your average marks are benchmarked against others using this module
  • Your statistics and study time are included on your personalised learning log/CPD certificate - you can view and print this at any time from the CPD certificate link.

Within the post assessment features of a completed assessment, there are a number of aspects worth highlighting. Firstly, a breakdown is given of the results against each learning outcome. This clearly shows the areas where you performed well and those in where your knowledge was not as strong. In addition, by showing the actual questions which you answered incorrectly you will be able to direct your time and studies to the learning outcomes or particular areas where further study is required. Also, in the revision style format, a reference is provided after every question, detailing the chapter/learning outcome location in our Online Multimedia Course (which can be purchased separately) where the question is covered.

This valuable aid to your exam studies can be used over and over again during your access period, but it should be remembered that we cannot ever guarantee that we will be able to provide questions to cover everything that may be asked within an actual exam. However, used in conjunction with our other learning materials you can ensure that you are in possession of up to date information about each subject area.

You can view the information pages for all the exams that we offer the Gap Analysis & Assessment Tool in our Training Directory.

How do the free Learning to Learn courses improve my learning skills?
It can often be hard to find the motivation, time to start and then continue, studying. Everyday life and commitments can easily intrude into your planned study time and your focus can frequently be diverted onto other things.  Understanding, memorising and being able to apply your learning can be a different process for different people, so finding out what works best for you and having ideas of how to make studying and learning easier is vitally important in ensuring that your studies are enjoyable, efficient and effective. It is not just the hours spent studying but how those hours are used that will ultimately influence your chance of passing an exam at the first attempt.

To help you plan and carry out an effective study programme, make the most of your individual attributes and preferences, enjoy the learning process and gain exam passes, Wizard Learning has developed 5 online courses – Learning to Learn – which are provided FREE with every purchase. They are included automatically with the purchase of any training module.

The 5 courses cover: Time Management, Exam Skills, Reading Skills, Memory and Mental Agility and Study Skills.  Over the range of courses and through a variety of tasks you will be helped to:

  • Develop and maintain an effective and manageable study plan
  • Understand different ways of reading and improve your own techniques
  • Try out a number of ways of studying to assist in the retention of knowledge
  • Use techniques to improve the use and speed of your memory
  • Acquire skills to use in exams to lessen stress and improve your focus

These short courses containing end of course assessments, are invaluable to anyone about to undertake a period of study. They will assist you in gaining a greater understanding of your individual attributes, preferences and habits and illustrate how these can be used and developed to make you more effective, not just in studying but in all areas of your life.

Access to these courses is given to you for 6 months allowing you time not only to use these before your studies begin but also to revisit them during your studies to continue assessing, developing and improving your study skills. Don’t overlook this valuable opportunity to start off on the right track and stay on it throughout leading you closer to achieving the success you are aiming for.

Good luck with your studies.  

Do you offer a package that covers all the regulated diploma material?
Yes we offer an Enhanced Diploma Package that builds on the regulated diploma material included in our accredited CPD system.

If you have not already done so, we would like to invite you to now take a FREE 7 day trial of our accredited CPD system. This meets the requirements of the FCA for qualified advisers in relation to completing structured CPD. It is also ideal for trainee advisers working their way through the regulated Diploma exams. The CPD system is available for a low monthly cost enabling you to have access to:

  • Online courses for R01 to R05
  • Gap Analysis and Assessment Tools for R01 to R05
  • Compliance related courses
  • ‘Focus On’ topics
  • Specialist courses
  • Learning to Learn study assisting courses
  • A monthly Financial Services Industry Update and assessment

The benefits of our CPD system include:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all your current and future study and CPD requirements
  • A wide range of materials available in a variety of styles
  • The ability to cross reference topics over different exam syllabuses
  • The ability to refresh knowledge over the entire Diploma syllabus at any time
  • The ability to identify training needs and carry out appropriate activities to improve in areas of weakness
  • Continuous awareness and up-to-date knowledge of industry developments
  • A record of your CPD activity through a range of exportable reports
  • The ability to include externally undertaken CPD activities within your records
  • Peace of mind in knowing that the activities you undertake within the system are recognised as structured CPD though an accredited CPD system.

To request your FREE 7 day trial, login to the website, follow the link to My Account and then click on the Apply button for the CPD System Trial. We hope that you will be able to fully explore the system during this time and see that the extensive range of materials and the choices available for how they are used provide value for money.

If you have already requested your free trial, we hope you will want to continue having access to the extensive range of materials provided and will go ahead and become a regular subscriber. Just follow the link from the homepage to Buy Accounts and we will ensure that your access to the system continues for as long as your subscription continues.

If you are a regulated diploma student
In addition, after setting up your regular payment arrangement please inform us that you are a regulated diploma student and which exam you are taking next and we will provide these additional benefits under our enhanced diploma package:

For those studying for any of the R01 to R05 exams:

  • Self-marked type in assessments - an additional assessment feature that has 5 self-marked type-in questions per learning outcome plus a final assessment to be taken at the end of your studies. Take an assessment after studying each online chapter as an ideal way to revise and test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Financial Planning Practice online course that provides a complete view of the advisory process. The full contents of the course can be viewed here.

R06 exam:

  • 25% discount on our R06 expected solution package - this includes a full and detailed analysis of both exam case studies. You can request a discount code using the ‘contact us’ page when you have entered the R06 exam.

 We look forward to hearing from you to set up either your system trial access or in making a purchase.

How do I build an effective study plan?
We recommend that you combine our training material with the your study text to provide a good solid study plan. This will give you the best possible variety and range of training material to make your studies easier, create targets and greatly improve your chances of exam success.

The exam awarding bodies quite rightly say that you should study more widely than just their own material. They do stress that their study text is only based on the syllabus and is not guaranteed to provide ALL the answers to questions you might be examined on. It is worth therefore, where you can, reading around the subject you are studying for example, by looking at relevant articles in the financial press.

Our online courses (available for many exams) provide an ideal source of study material, many of the courses include audio and /or audiovisual presentations to explain some key syllabus areas. The exact contents applicable are listed on the purchase and information pages. Each chapter is accompanied by revision questions. The use of this will contribute towards a good proportion of your study time.

It is vital that you make effective use of your time. As well as reading about a subject, you need to constantly monitor what you have learned. Our assessment based material can be especially helpful in this respect. By taking assessments at regular intervals you can measure your performance on an ongoing basis.

What suggestions do you have on how best to use the assessments?
Once you have read your study text immediately take the first assessment. This will give you a good idea of how much further study you need to do both in terms of subject matter and the detail of its content.

Next, study the areas you performed poorly on. Follow this up with a further assessment to see whether your score has improved paying particular attention to the syllabus areas you did not do so well with the first assessment. Highlight any further areas required for revision that crop up in the second assessment and return to your revision of the syllabus. Repeat this exercise as often as you need until your scores improve to the desired standard. By building the assessments into your study plan you will introduce some variety and challenge into your studies.

All results are recorded on your CPD certificate so you can view and print this at any time to check on your progress.

For some comments and feedback on using our training modules see our testimonial pages.

What training material is available?
We provide a vast range of material. The full list is available by clicking on the "Buy Account" image below. In addition we also provide an overview in our point and click quick guide. This is located on the left near the bottom of the page. Simply run your curser over the headings to open up a summary and then click on the images for more details. Please contact us if we do not have what you are looking for as we might be able to help, we can also normally quote for writing customised material for your firm.