R06 The Expected Solution Package

The Wizard Learning Expected Solution Package includes a detailed analysis of the two case studies issued by the CII a couple of weeks prior to the R06 exam. The solution, which is compiled by our panel of experts, consists of a list of the questions that we feel could be asked, along with suggested responses. We aim to have the R06 Expected Solution available seven days prior to the exam date by way of a PDF link on your Wizard Learning record - you will be notified by email as soon as it is ready. We will also add a news update to our latest news page immediately it is available.

There’s more...

In addition to receiving the R06 Expected Solution itself (contact us if you would like a sample), until the date of your exam you will also be given immediate access to:

  • The Wizard Learning R01 to R05 online multimedia courses
  • Two self-marked mock papers
  • The last seven R06 Expected Solutions
PLUS we have also added something else at no extra cost
  • Access to our Financial Planning Practice online course! The full contents of the course can be viewed here.

Why? Because we want our R06 Expected Solution Package to benefit all candidates, including those who have never worked in an adviser role before. The Wizard Learning Financial Planning Practice online course covers the advisory process and has been written in context of the R06 syllabus. Experienced or not, this is an invaluable addition, making our R06 Expected Solution Package the most comprehensive available in the market place today, and the best value for money.



After clicking on the above link you should select R06 The Expected Solution Package, you will then be prompted to select the date you are taking the exam. Your purchase covers your selected exam only.

The Wizard Learning R06 Expected Solution Package offers MORE than any other training provider:

  1. Technical content for research
  2. Exam technique with access to past exams and mock exams
  3. An online advice skills course

It’s a no brainer!


“I wanted to let you know how fantastic the R06 Expected Solutions Package was. I had taken R06 twice before trying to do what you do. The problem was it took 2 weeks to complete leaving me no time to revise. The quality and breadth of the content in your solution gave me a whole week to revise. On the exam day, literally, all of the answers to the questions were contained within your Expected Solutions, and I felt enormously confident looking at the exam paper. I just received my result and passed! So, thank you very much.” Jason Porter - Credit Suisse

“A big thanks to Wizard Learning for pretty much pre empting every question likely to be asked in the RO6 exam I sat. The study content and your R06 expected solution was second to none and played a big part in my success.” Matt Pearson

“I don't know how I would have passed the R06 exam without the information from Wizard Learning's R06 Expected Solution Package as I always seem to be time poor these days and having this info just put in front of me more than compensates for the cost, thanks.” Dave Jones, KRD Financial Advisers limited