CPD recording tool

This is a free service for users that are current subscribers to our accredited CPD system. You can also currently try it out for free during the period you have access to any training that you have purchased within the last 6 months (or 9 months for milti-buy purchases).

In order to record your non Wizard Learning CPD your need to:

1. Login to your record,
2. Click on the CPD certificate link
3. Click on the "Add external CPD" link (box above the Wizard Learning logo) - an easy to use template will be displayed allowing you to input the following details for each CPD item:

  • Your development need
  • Activity name
  • Learning outcome
  • Reflective statement
  • CPD method
  • CPD type (structured or unstructured)
  • CPD date
  • CPD time.

Our CPD recording tool allows you to display and export your CPD over any date range and you can also print or export to excel (xlsx or xls) or PDF.


  • Your external CPD is created on a separate report
  • Your extrernal CPD will only be retained on our database while you subscribe to our accredited CPD system using the current training system. It is therefore vital that you extract a copy of your CPD information using the export options before your access period ceases as the data is removed from our system on a regular basis.