School student encourages youngsters to become IFAs

Posted Feb 23, 2010

Dear Wizard Learner

We are always pleased to receive feedback about our online training and recently received great comments from Josh as he quickly racked up passes for CF1, CF2 and CF3. I was therefore delighted when he offered to put an article together, especially as he mentioned that he was fitting in his certificate studies between his school exams. Those thinking about or know someone interested in becoming financial advisers I feel will be inspired by Josh’s exam success and future plans.

Josh’s article…
Now as you read this, you may realise that I am not your average Wizard user. I have however been using the Wizard Learning online training for over a year now, I have passed CF1, CF2 and CF3 in my quest to reach certificate level in just over a years time. None of this sounds unordinary and I’m sure there are others that can relate to this, however, I am still seventeen which separates me from the pack. I am still studying options at sixth form (Physics, Business, Product Design and Economics) alongside my financial services which I started as a side extension to my higher education. I began studying for the certificate after a strong family link, with mixed views. If I enjoyed the subject then it could lead to a wide and interesting career path, and if I don’t then it has just been a huge learning curve and a bank of financial information to help me through life.

I’m now half way through my two year plan for completing the Certificate in Financial Planning and my mind is already twisted towards a career in the industry. My eventual aim is to be an IFA like my father and work with him for the last years before his retirement. His firm is called MDG and the head office is based in Aylesbury. Although I am considered a youngster within the industry, I have built up a considerably large amount of knowledge already after attending many meetings, training days, some slightly less entertaining CPD days and a two week work placement with Standard Life at their Edinburgh head office.

Wizard Learning has been my main call for help through my first three exams and an irreplaceable glossary of terms and reference material. As I cover each chapter in Wizard and the CII coursebook I also try to make notes for reference which also serve as another method for learning. The Wizard Learning 50 question assessments are also a key stage in my revision plan for the CII exams.

Over the next period of my studying I understand I will have to try and reach the Diploma level before the end of 2012. With this in mind I am then going to be entering up to four 6 month work placements which I am currently applying for. By working in a range of relevant jobs whilst I study the Diploma level exams I hope to broaden my current knowledge and experience. By doing this I aim to bypass University but still be able to enjoy a solid social life.

To begin to work my way into the industry I have started working as admin support to the Household Insurance arm of the firm. This is introducing me to some clients as well as continuing to build up a wealth of experience.

My main exams for A-level are during January and June, by planning around these dates, I can revise and take CII exams any time of the year which is a huge benefit for me. If you’re reading this with a son, daughter, friend or relative in mind who is yet to begin their higher education (Aged 14 -16) then I urge you to talk to them about the possibility of beginning the Certificate alongside three or four A-levels and think of it as an equivalent.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you’re studying continues to go well and I wish you good luck in future exams.

Josh Butten

Wizard Learning wishes Josh every success with his future exams and career.

Kind regards


Wizard Learning

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