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Posted Oct 22, 2012

In this news update we cover our new Financial Crime online course.

Financial Crime online training course for you and your business
Financial crime is very high on the regulatory agenda and there are many criminal offences involved. Although the world of criminality may seem remote from the average financial services firm, it has been well documented that criminals, terrorists and tax avoiders make use of financial services to disguise the proceeds of crime.

Rigorous procedures are necessary to identify potential misdemeanour and due to the fact that criminals are not labelled, these procedures have to be routinely applied in all business dealings in order to eliminate or minimise the risks posed to businesses and individuals.

The regulatory regime is therefore stringent and exacting with penalties for those who fail to adhere to precautionary measures even though this may be through ignorance of the law. As we know, this cannot be a defence and so it is important that those active in the marketplace are aware of the laws that apply. Understanding why the procedures exist and the offences that may be involved is key to managing the regulatory risk in the business.

This is what you will find out in the online course:

  • Offences that are created by the various applicable statutes
  • Steps that firms can take to identify and avoid risks
  • How to identify potential financial crime
  • How potential circumstances should properly be reported
  • Why steps need to be taken to correctly and formally identify customers.

Recording your studies
After reading the course you can take the final assessments to test your understanding and evidence your studies. Your results will be emailed to you and your CPD certificated will be updated. We estimate that this course will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

For further details see the Financial Crime course on the cost and contents page. This course is also included within our CPD system.  

Discounts and free online learning skills course
Discounts are available when your purchase includes 2 or more training modules, see here for details. All purchases include a free learning skills online course.

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