CPD SYSTEM summary and R06

Posted Nov 06, 2012

The benefits of the Wizard Learning online CPD SYSTEM for you and your business
Continuing professional development is the cornerstone of on-going professionalism and has been recognised as essential to the maintenance of high quality services for many years.

As the financial services sector steps ever closer to the plate, the importance of CPD has increased to the point where it is now essential that high quality learning and revision is undertaken and provable for individuals providing services.

In order to maintain Statements of Professional Standing to enable financial advisers to continue in their profession, to retain designatory letters for members of professional bodies and to satisfy competency requirements imposed by the regulatory regime, everyone working in financial services needs to be able to provide evidence of competency and continual development.

Devising training plans and structuring CPD can be a challenge. Wizard Learning provides a framework for learning, recording and evidencing CPD activity with ease.

This means that you will be able to:

  • Outline your training and development needs
  • Describe the training you have undertaken
  • State the application and benefits flowing from the knowledge gained.

All this information can be stored in one place together with the evidence detailing what you have studied, test results to prove that the learning has occurred and evidence that CPD requirements have been met.

This material can in turn be used in furtherance of your career, obtaining a Statement of Professional Standing or demonstrating regulatory compliance with training and competency rules.

Our CPD SYSTEM is your ‘one-stop-shop’ where in addition to completing your gap fill requirements we can also help you to fulfil your ongoing CPD needs, see the CPD SYSTEM on our list of training modules HERE>>> for further details.

Compliance online courses
These 4 courses are included in our CPD SYSTEM: Financial crime, data protection, complaints procedures and retail distribution review

Monthly CPD update and assessment
Our CPD SYSTEM includes a monthly online CPD update providing a summary of key industry developments. This includes an online assessment to demonstrate your understanding and record your CPD time. After taking each monthly assessment your CPD certificate will be updated with your result and 1.5 hours of CPD.


All your assessment results and incorrectly answered questions will be emailed to you so that you can keep a copy for your records.

Professionalism video
This covers the professionalism and gap fill requirements that advisers need to have in place by 1 January 2013

CPD and gap filling
Learning to Learn Video
This provides information on the 5 learning skills online course that are included in our CPD SYSTEM 

CPD and gap filling

See the CPD SYSTEM on our list of training modules

R06 Expected Solution PackagePurchase our R06 Expected Solution Package for the last R06 exam in 2012, see R06 Expected Solution Package on our list of training modules HERE>>> for further details.


Discounts and free online learning skills course
Discounts are available when your purchase includes 2 or more training modules, see HERE>>> for details. All purchases include a free learning skills online course.

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