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Posted Mar 25, 2014

In this update we cover: CPD, workplace pension online course, new free workplace pension resource from Panacea Adviser and our consumer information presentation on the financial advice process.

1. Compulsory CPD: you might as well make the most of it.
Are you finding CPD a chore or do you enjoy your experience?

As it’s got to be done, it might as well be something to look forward to, learn form and use to make your business more profitable.

If making the business more profitable is not floating your boat then consider these things:

  • You’ll enjoy your work more if you are confident that you know what you are doing
  • You will be more productive if you have the latest facts at your fingertips
  • Regulatory risks will reduce
  • Clients will be given quality advice and be impressed.

To make things more exciting you could run CPD competitions and to make things more efficient you could use the online study and recording tools. Wizard Learning has thought of this and provides the perfect environment for making the most of your CPD requirements.

Wizard Learning’s CPD system has been accredited by the Institute of Financial Services and is based on the Regulated Financial Planning Diploma syllabi to meet the standards and requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Which CPD camp are you in?

CPD system

You can view the You Tube version of the presentation here.

2. Workplace pension reform

Take a moment to consider the questions below:

  • How will an employer know when their 'staging date' is?
  • Who are 'eligible' jobholders?
  • What happens if an 'eligible jobholder' opts-out of the new provisions?
  • What is the minimum contribution percentage that the employer will have to make?
  • Who can provide a new Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS)?
  • How does a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme differ from NEST?

Workplace pension reform online course
If you cannot answer these questions, you will benefit from studying our Workplace Pension online course which is one of the many courses available in our CPD system or it can be purchased separately see our information page. This online course provides study text and an end of course assessment which can be recorded as part of your annual structured CPD requirement.

Free resource from Panacea Adviser
You can use a free resource such as the Panacea Auto-enrolment microsite which has been designed with input from providers, advisers and support services to promote an understanding of what you need to ensure the ongoing success of your business in light of what the changes to pension reforms present.

This free resource also includes all the latest news on auto-enrolment, legal requirements and a whole raft of useful links see here for details.

3. Introduction to the financial advice process
We have added the following presentation to Wizard Financial Awareness our consumer information website:

Seeking financial advice for the first time can be quite a daunting prospect.  Uncertainty about what is involved, what will be required of them, and the fear of being put under pressure to purchase products they don’t need, want or understand often prevents people from seeking the help they need.

In the current economic climate of uncertainty over job security, the increasing cost of living and low rates of interest on savings, it is even more important to give serious thought to reviewing your financial position and taking steps to protect what capital you already have.  Even if no specific needs are identified or financial solutions recommended, at least you will be better informed about the financial arrangements you have in place already and will have peace of mind going forward.

The financial advice process usually follows a fairly standard format.  Although individual advisers may ask questions in a different order, or do things in a slightly different way, they are required by law to follow certain set procedures and provide certain pieces of information to ensure that their clients are fully informed as to the service being offered.

View the presentation here.

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