Learning To Learn Online Courses

Introduction to Learning to Learn
The ability to learn, like breathing, is something that most people take for granted. 

Learning is something that we have been doing since birth and without it we would have had great difficulty in maturing into effective adult members of society. Every task we undertook and every day would have been a struggle for survival, with little time in our lives for relaxation or enjoyment.

Although we could easily identify the knowledge and skills we have learnt from our formal education, jobs, hobbies and social activities, many people are unaware of how that learning has actually taken place.  From our years at school we learn a vast amount, but not how to actually learn and the skills involved in learning are very much left for each individual to figure out on their own.  This may explain why some people seem to be more successful at learning than others.  Due to each individual’s unique characteristics, some people will have certain innate abilities that help them to learn, but the actual skills of learning can be acquired by anyone.

Lifestyle changes
Over the years, as society and lifestyles have changed, ongoing learning throughout our lives has become more common. Either through necessity as a part of our jobs, or through personal choice for self-development or enjoyment, more and more people now need or want to learn new skills or knowledge long after they have finished their formal education.

However, without an awareness of the skills involved in learning or where to acquire them, the process can often be very difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  The Learning to Learn series of online courses can help you to; improve your reading skills, increase your memory and mental agility, develop effective study skills, manage time effectively and face any exams within the process in a calm and confident way.  These online courses will be of benefit to anyone involved in learning, whether this is to; obtain qualifications at school, university or in a work-related context, assist with professional development or for personal pleasure.  Despite their overall focus leaning towards the more academic style of learning, the attitudes and skills they will help to develop and the principles and practices they explain are equally relevant to those planning to learn more practical skills.

Reading online course
In this online course, designed to improve reading skills you will learn about the skills and strategies that are actually involved in the reading process.  Different types of reading along with their uses and benefits will be explained.  Techniques will be discussed to develop the ability to speed-read without losing understanding and those that can be used to help with recall of what has been read at later times.  Finally, it will provide tips for creating the right environment for effective reading and practical ideas to make the reading of electronic materials easier.

Memory and mental agility online course
This online course starts by considering the relevance of memory and mental agility to learning and work environments.  It explains the links between memory and meaning and shows how association can greatly assist the memory process.  The actual working process of the mind is illustrated along with examples of how changing thinking and established habits can bring about improvement.   The final sections cover techniques to assist in improving memory and advice on dealing with factors that can affect overall ability.

Study Skills online course
The study skills online course aims to fully prepare those who will have to sit examinations as a part of their learning process.  From the initial examination of the preparations required before beginning to study for exams, it moves onto identify the different learning styles that individuals will naturally have and how these can be used most effectively.  Planning the period of study is examined in detail, including the preparation of timetables.  A model for effective studying is explained along with advice on additional support resources and tips to maintain motivation and concentration throughout the study period.

Time Management online course
The explanation of a range of competencies that are required to effectively manage time are the starting point for this online course. The principles of time management and scheduling are then examined, before moving on to consider goal-setting, action planning and the value of ‘to do’ lists.  The importance of prioritising within the overall process is then discussed.  Obstacles that can distract from effective time management are highlighted and the links to work-related personal development plans and continuous professional development are shown.

Exam Skills online course
This online course covers the process of preparing for examinations.  Starting with the importance of knowing and understanding the physical aspects and practicalities of the examination, it moves on to the drawing up of a revision timetable.  A number of revision techniques are examined and advice is given on dealing with issues that may arise immediately before and during the examination.  The final section looks at overall strategies that can be employed to maximise performance in examination situations.

Course summary
The five online courses in the Learning to Learn package will assist anyone considering a course of study or returning to learning after a significant period of time.  Following a logical step-by-step process in each area, the courses include interactive elements throughout the text and a range of activities to assist in understanding and creating an effective learning programme, while also including many tips and techniques for general use away from studying.

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