The aim of this course is to enable you to understand some key advanced investment advice subject areas and apply your knowledge in order to make well-reasoned client recommendations. The learning outcomes are appropriate both for someone wishing to supplement their studies for the CII J06 exam on Investment principles, markets and environment exam or for professionals looking to brush up on their knowledge.

Course material
The course material consists of:
  • 7 chapters of study text containing several examples
  • Total estimated learning/CPD time is 27 hours
  • Each chapter includes an audiovisual presentation on a key area similar to the sample. Total viewing time for all presentations is 62 minutes
  • Revision assessments for each chapter to help confirm your understanding.
Presentation from chapter one

We have developed demonstrations for our online courses that show you the content topics and our easy to use course navigation system. If you decide to purchase you will of course see the full version with the full contents all nicely formatted, be able to access the chapter & final assessments and for the diploma courses view the audiovisual presentations.

Case study & final assessments
In addition, on completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to complete:

  • A 50 question final revision assessment that uses the section revision questions
  • A case study incorporating 20 multiple choice questions
  • A final 20 question assessment based on the study material. Your assessment results and answers to any questions answered incorrectly will be emailed to you. If you don’t pass, or just want to take a second test, an additional 20 question assessment can be taken.

Additional information
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.

J06 course

CPD credit
You will be credited with a minimum of 23 hours of CPD time with the time being added to your CPD certificate gradually as you complete each assessment. Your CPD certificate can be viewed and printed from the CPD certificate link on the menu at any time.

1. To understand the main economic issues that relate to investment planning
2. To understand the main principles in relation to investment portfolio risks and returns
3. To understand how to verify a client’s investment objectives
4. To understand the risks, key features and returns of cash, corporate bonds, equities and property
5. To understand the risks and returns available from alternative investments and derivatives
6. To understand the portfolio construction process
7. To understand how to measure and assess investment portfolio performance and investment management services

Full course content
The course is made up of 8 chapters covering the following areas:

1. The Economic Environment
Political factors
Social factors
Economic and financial factors
Supply and demand
Employment and unemployment
Management of the UK economy

2. Portfolio Risks and Returns
Types of risk
Measuring returns
Measurement of risk
Risk reduction
Modern portfolio theory
Diversifiable and non-diversifiable risk
Management of systematic risk

3. Client Objectives and Constraints
Need for savings and investments
Qualifying savings and investment needs
Ethical investment

4. Risk and returns of cash, bonds, equities and property
Fixed interest securities
Analysing companies

5. Alternative investments and derivatives
Private equity
Art, antiques and collectibles
Hedge funds
Structured products

6. Portfolio construction and asset allocation
Asset allocation v sector and stock selection
Passive investment management
Active investment management
Switching and churning

7. Measuring portfolio performance and investment management services
Financial calculations
Risk adjusted returns
Understanding and using statistical data
Investment criteria
Past performance
Role of portfolio managers
Options for portfolio investment
Charging structures

8. Glossary