How do I view my training material?
Login using the username and password you selected when you registered. Then click on My Training from the left hand menu. See recover password if you have forgotten your password or username. To check the accounts that you have access to and their expiry date click on the My Account link from the left hand menu. You can also change your personal information (email, address, company name and password) via the My Account page.

If you have multiple training modules the right hand column of the My Training page has a column called My Training Links. You can click on the links in that column to bring the training into view on the centre of the page. Also at the top of the My Training page there is a link to show all purchases, clicking on that will list all the items you have access to in the centre of the page. You will need to scroll down to see them all.

The last training module you viewed (depending on your browser type) may remain in the centre of the My Training Page.

When is the website content updated?
The CII switches to the new tax year and syllabus from 1 September. We normally start uploading the updates around the last week in August. With over 40 training modules to update the uploading does take a while to complete but we aim to complete these by the middle of September at the very latest every year.​

All users with an unexpired account automatically get access to the updated material.

NOTE the CII use this basis:

  • The tax year 2022/2023 will be examined until 31 August 2023
  • The tax year 2023/2024 will be examined from 1 September 2023 until 31 August 2024

Do I always get access to the most up to date material available?
Yes, when we update the material all those with access automatically get the most up to date material at no additional cost.

Is your CPD system accredited?
Yes it is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

We have built the CPD system reports with the CII requirements in mind. The reports meet all the CII's requirements plus you evidence all the CPD taken with assessment results. The system also assists with the CII's reflective statement requirements, as you can set the reports to include a generic reflective and development need statement for each CPD item in your report. You can modify the statements by exporting them to Excel and amending the wording to reflect your personal experience.

structured CPD system

Standards International have also reviewed the accredited CPD system and their report says:

  • The contents of the courses are detailed and of good technical content
  • The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Content is good technically and for ease of reading and understanding
  • Audio presentations have good content and structure
  • The Learning to Learn skills courses are very useful
  • The CPD system recording tool covers all the areas required by the FCA to be recorded and evidenced for good quality CPD and which is required by adviser’s SPS accreditation body
  • This is a really good system for individuals and firms to use.

Does my purchase include the facility to ask technical questions?
Your purchase does not include assistance where you may have a problem with understanding any aspect of the course materials or assessments. This is due to this level of support being very expensive to provide and is therefore not a service we are currently able to offer. However, please do get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ link with any general questions, for example accessing the material, and we will be glad to assist.

Can I view my training on both my home and office computer?
Yes, there are no restrictions on this. Your username and password will work on any computer without the need for any downloads. You can therefore access your material at any time from any location that you have an Internet connection. Only the registered user must use the username and passwords under which the training modules were purchased as per the terms of purchase (see terms link at foot of page).

Do I need to download anything and what system requirements do I need?
You don't need to download anything as Wizard Learning is compatible with all modern browsers versions on desktop, tablet and phones as follows:

Internet Explorer/Edge: 10+
Firefox: 41+
Chrome: 46+
Safari: 5.1+
Opera: 12.1+
iOS Safari: 5.1+
Android Browser: 4+
Chrome Mobile: 46+

The website will work on many earlier browsers, but we cannot guarantee a perfect experience or provide support for those older browsers.

Your browser must support the following technologies to view the audiovisual presentations:


How do I view my CPD certificate and what does it include?
Click on the CPD certificate link from the left hand menu when you are logged in. The default display of "Report Type" details all the training you have taken, the CPD time allocated and your average result per assessment. If you select the Detailed Report this will show a full breakdown of all your individual assessment results.

The Date Range section allows you to select the date range you want your report to cover.

The Filter Training section allows you to select specific training modules.

The Export sections allow you to choose the format of your report: print, download to Excel, download to PDF or email to yourself.

If you decide to use our CPD certificate as your main CPD evidence then at the end of your CPD period you can export your details to excel and then type in details of any additional CPD undertaken. You can also adjust the estimated CPD times shown if your actual CPD time is different.

To view any self-marked papers that you may have then click on the My Account link from the left hand menu.

NOTE details of any questions that you have answered incorrectly are not saved in the database. Only the details of assessment results are stored, this is due to database storage and speed issues so we therefore don't capture the extra detail shown in the results page regarding the questions answered incorrectly, if you want to retain that data you will need to print the page when it appears at the end of the assessment.

What format is the training material provided in and what printing options are available?
All material is provided online only with access provided 24/7 through online methods. No printed copies of the material are supplied as the site is structured to provide easy to view online access at competitive prices. This is also an environmentally friendly way of delivering the training material.

The site is advertised and designed as an online training site, however we appreciate that some users may want to print a few selected sections of the online courses in order to revise specific areas offline. You can print any individual section within each chapter using using your Internet browser's print function. If you click on your browser's print preview function you can check the number of pages before you print.

You can also print any individual question or any text sections when it is displayed on the screen through your Internet browser's normal print function.

What training material is available?
We provide a vast range of material. The full list is available by clicking on the "Buy Account" image below. In addition we also provide an overview in our point and click quick guide. This is located on the left near the bottom of the page. Simply run your curser over the headings to open up a summary and then click on the images for more details. Please contact us if we do not have what you are looking for as we might be able to help, we can also normally quote for writing customised material for your firm.

What happens if I stop an assessment part way through?
If you have to stop any assessment before reaching the end, a built-in 'recovery' feature within the system will automatically retain your score and record the last question that was in view.

When you then restart the same assessment, you will automatically begin the assessment at the question following the last question that was last in view. The system moves you to the following question to avoid the situation where a question could be viewed and the assessment exited to research the answer. As our system is used for actual exams as well as general revision this feature makes it suitable for taking exams.