Why should I register?   
You need to register before or during the purchase process to create a record in our database (see below) that will store all your results and populate your CPD certificate. Once you have registered you will be sent an email confirming the username and password you created.

How do I purchase training material?

  • Click on the "Buy Accounts" link (or the "Cost and Contents" link) from the left hand menu or click here. An account is simply our term for an item of training. The "Buy Accounts/Cost and Contents" page lists all the material that is available, click on the "More Information" images for a summary of the contents.
  • After selecting your accounts simply click on the checkout image to complete your purchase.
  • If you are already registered you will be prompted to login if you have not already registered. If you are new to the site you must register to create an entry in our database from which your training modules can be accessed.
  • If you purchase online (a cheque payment facility is also available) you get instant access to your accounts, simply stay logged into the site and click on the "My Training" link on the left hand menu. This link will display all your accounts and training access links.

Do I get confirmation of my purchase and a VAT receipt?
A confirmation from WorldPay (UK) Limited who provide the secure card payment function is sent immediately to confirm the purchase. A "VAT receipt" from Wizard Learning is also sent by email at the same time, normally this will arrive in a few minutes. However if for some reason this does not arrive (please also check your spam filter as being automated this may be blocked) after a few hours please contact us and we will forward a copy.