How do I purchase training material?

  • If you are already registered then login, remembering to solve any ReCAPTCHA security question before entering your username and password. Then click on the Buy Accounts menu to select your modules. Then go to the checkout and enter your card details and also complete a further security question during the purchase
  • Alternatively you can click on the "Cost & Contents" or the "Buy Accounts" link from the left hand menu or click here. An account is simply our alternative name for a training module. The "Buy Accounts" page lists all the modules that are available, click on the "More Information" images for a summary of the contents
  • After selecting your accounts click on the checkout image to be taken to the pages where you input your card details and complete your purchase
  • If you are already registered you will be prompted to login if you are not currently logged in, if you are new to the site you will be prompted to register, insert your details and complete the security question at the foot of the form. The items you selected will remain selected during the login and registration process
  • If you purchase online you get instant access to your accounts, simply stayed logged into the site and click on the "My Training" link on the left hand menu. This link will display all your accounts and training access links.

Who can access the modules that I purchase?
Only you as the registered purchaser of the material can access the modules. The system is designed and costed for only the registered owner of the record (that is created by registering) to be able to access the material. The terms link at the foot of the website also clarifies this:

The costs are PER USER. Only the registered user must use the username and passwords under which the items were purchased. We reserve the right to withdraw a user’s access to the site if we suspect there has been group learning using a password and username. Users will experience problems in using the site if two or more people attempt to use the same login at the same time and attempting to do this will result in the user's access being disabled.

Where there are several users in an organisation that require access we can consider setting up a discount code so that when the users make a purchase a discount is applied when they enter the checkout after selecting their modules. If that is something that your firm may be interested in please contact us with a note of the number of users.

How can I pay?  
We accept online card payments through a company called WorldPay (UK) Limited and uses a secure payment processing. Immediately your payment is accepted your will have access to your training material. Make sure you are still logged in and click on the "My Training" link on the menu. A VAT receipt is emailed immediately your see the payment accepted message on the screen.

We also accept cheque payments by post, however there will be a delay before your account is activated. If you select this option we email you an invoice which you should send us with your cheque.

How secure are my online payment?   
The company "WorldPay (UK) Limited" that processes our payments have been chosen for their high level of digital encryption and a proven track record in security. They have the same high level of security as any other online banking transactions. We do not store any credit card details on our own servers.

How do online payment appear on my bank statement?
They are shown as being collected by Wizard Learning Limited.

What payment confirmation do I get?
A confirmation from WorldPay (UK) Limited who provide the secure purchase facilities is sent immediately to confirm the purchase. A "VAT receipt" from Wizard Learning is also sent by email at the same time, normally this will arrive in a few minutes. However if for some reason this does not arrive after a few hours please contact us and we will forward a copy.

Are any discounts available for multiple purchases?
An individual using our multibuy discount will normally obtain a discount and a longer access period when more than one training module is selected. This offer only applies to the products you are currently purchasing (previous purchases are not taken into account).

For firms with several users looking to use us for all their training may also qualify for a discount, please contact us with your requirements if you require further information on this.