CPD System information

How do I view the material included in the CPD system?
Login using your username and password and then click on the "My Training" link on the left hand menu, the "My Training" page provides access to all the training material.

What is included?

  • Online CPD monthly notes and assessment - the new monthly update is issued around the end of every month
  • Online courses and assessments as described on the CPD system information page

Building your training plan
The system is very flexible and allows you to set up your own training plan based on the knowledge gaps identified through the gap analysis assessments and also the assessments within the online courses. The online courses can then be used to fill any knowledge gaps identified.

Monthly CPD updates
The monthly CPD updates will be added to the site around the end of each month and we will issue an email alert to all users as soon as this is added or where there are other major updates to the material or CPD system. An estimated CPD time of 1.5 hours is allocated for each monthly CPD update.

CPD reporting
Click on the CPD certificate link from the left hand menu when you are logged in. This displays the training you have taken and you can download your certificate and set the time period that you want the report to cover. 

Management reports
For those firms with several users that require regular management information we can set this up on request.  The reports will be available in Microsoft Excel.

Additionally the results and feedback emails that are sent to the users for the monthly CPD assessments and the compliance assessments (Financial Crime, Data Protection, Complaints procedures) can by arrangement also be emailed to other interested parties within the firm.

Manager reports
We can amend manager’s record to allow them to generate various reports for their staff.

When manager’s reporting has been set then when they login under their usual login they will see a link in the left hand menu called manage. Clicking on that link shows the reports can be generated, there are 3 reports types available for download to Excel as detailed below.

Summary report
This shows a combined total for each user for CPD time, average percentage result and the date the last assessment was taken.

Detailed report
This shows the results and the date every the assessment was taken for every single assessment.

For these two reports the timeframe you want the report to cover is selected.

Login report
This report show which users are using their accounts as it shows the date that each user last logged in.