The financial news element of our CPD SYSTEM provides advisers with concise and unbiased reporting of financial services related news and regulatory developments.

We research and analyse core information from a variety of sources including HMRC, FSA, ONS, government websites and press reports over the month. We then prepare a succinct online summary of the previous months most relevant finance related news and deliver this to you at the end of the month, together with a 10 question assessment to confirm your understanding. This counts as 1.5 hours of structured CPD each month.

Our aim is not only to provide you with the most up to date and relevant industry news, but to deliver and present this information to you in a format that helps you to assess its importance and relevance to you and your clients. So, with this in mind, each of our monthly news summaries are conveniently separated into 8 subject headings: compliance, economy, mortgages, pensions, protection, savings & investments and taxation & trusts and ‘miscellaneous’.

You no longer have to read numerous lengthy reports, news articles and press releases to find the key facts that you need to know. We know from the extensive research that we carry out to prepare our monthly summaries how tedious and time-consuming this can be and, as they say, time is money. So we do all of that for you; sifting out the spin, speculation and biased opinions, giving you just the pertinent and relevant facts that you can’t afford to miss. Our summaries are succinct, relevant and interesting and will save you a considerable amount of time each month. Furthermore, the time you spend reading them, along with assessment results are included on your CPD certificate.

There’s more - 16 online courses
In addition, our CPD SYSTEM provides you with access to 16 online courses; an extensive and invaluable library of material amounting to 314 hours of CPD, around which you can plan your own annual CPD requirements. See for full details of the contents.

All of this information is at your fingertips, easily accessible on our online system, where you can also view recent news as well as the news summaries and assessments covering the previous six months.

Wizard Financial Awareness -
As an added benefit, financial advisers who subscribe to the CPD system this month will be invited to create an adviser profile which will appear on our consumer information website. This will be FREE OF CHARGE for at least the next 9 months.

The Wizard Financial Awareness information website is designed to enhance awareness of money and financial issues among the general public, giving them a greater understanding of the products they may already have, or that may be recommended to them by a financial adviser, and to help them to identify financial needs that they may not previously have been aware of.

Users of the site can contact any of the financial advisers featured on the site to discuss the issues and topics featured, or to seek advice regarding their own personal circumstances.

CPD must be more than just ticking the CPD boxes
It is emerging that the focus of the new regulatory bodies – PRA/FCA – will be on advisers taking their continuous professional development more seriously, and not just treating the requirement to keep their knowledge up to date as a tick-box exercise. Some firms view CPD as a necessary evil, but while ensuring that they meet the minimum time requirements to comply with the regulations might have been acceptable until now, the new regulatory regime requires firms to set clear benchmarks for competence, and use these to drive training requirements and CPD planning.

Our online course and use of assessments to confirm knowledge provides a quantifiable benchmark for technical competencies that can drive each adviser’s training needs and plans, and that will satisfy the requirements of the regulators under the new regime.

More information and discounts
For more details on our CPD SYSTEM see our information page at Discounts are available for multiple users; please contact us with the number of users that would require access for details of the savings that can be made. We can also provide you with trial access, if required. Please confirm your username or register at if you don’t already have an existing record.

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