CII CF5 exam on integrated financial planning assessment package


  • 6 case study scenarios each comprising 30 multiple choice questions;
  • 70 question stand alone multiple choice assessment;
  • Two self marked online exam style papers where you mark your typed in answers against a model answer;
  • 25 self marked short questions and answers covering protection, pensions, savings & investments, mortgages, tax and legal/compliance. This online paper has a total of 200 marks available;
  • CPD certificate feature - All your assessment results are recorded in the database, which allows the system to compile your personalised CPD certificate.

Our assessments and case studies are designed to help you revise, identify knowledge gaps for further study and to get practice on exam style questions for areas that you might be asked about in the exam.


Additional information
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.


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  • You get practice at case study style questions
  • The 2 self-marked papers give you a chance to identify progress in your own time and at your own pace. Completing these papers online at any time, maximises flexibility for you.
  • Our self marked papers provide you with model solutions to identify your strengths and areas for development both in terms of exam technique and technical knowledge.
  • Your results are provided after every assessment and are graded in line with the notional pass rate. This gives you a good indication of your chances of passing. As you do further studies and take more assessments you will expect to see your percentage improve.
  • The percentage achieved in every assessment is benchmarked against previous students percentages giving you a further indication of your performance. This is shown after every assessment and you can also view this at any time.
  • All results and estimated CPD times are stored in the database and you can view and print these using the CPD certificate/learning log feature. This is an ideal way to keep a record of your results and learning.
  • You can take the assessments as often as you like.
  • All questions are written by industry experts with extensive experience of setting exam style questions, all questions are regularly reviewed.

Provided FREE when you purchase any training module. Included are 5 online courses covering learning skills on: time management, exams, study, reading & memory.

CPD certificate
Our database records all your assessment results. If you complete all the assessments just the once then you will be allocated 14 hours of CPD time. After each assignment is finished the system adds the time taken and your results to the CPD certificate. The CPD certificate shows your personal details, period over which assessments completed, time taken to complete assessments and assessment scores.

CII CF5 exam details
Structure: Written paper comprising 2 case studies and associated questions
Duration: 2 hours
Recommended study time: 70 hours
Nominal pass mark: 55%

CII CF5 syllabus overview
Candidates should be able to apply:

  • Their knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry and its regulation
  • Their knowledge and understanding of the products and processes tested in the other certificate subjects.

Which CPD camp are you in? (audiovisual presentation)

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