R06 Financial planning practice - exam requirements

This covers the contents and requirements of the R06 exam, and how the Wizard Learning R06 Expected Solution Package will help you pass first time.

If you have opened this page, there is a good chance you have either booked your CII R06 Financial Planning Practice exam already, or are thinking about doing so.

The R06 exam is different from the other ‘R’ exams that make up the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning in that it is written, not multiple choice. It is a formal test of the skills an adviser needs to possess in order to carry out their role effectively, testing candidates’ ability to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in the other five exams to practical situations detailed in two case studies. Passing this exam earns 30 valuable credits at Diploma level, helping advisers complete their journey to becoming a fully qualified retail investment adviser.

The R06 syllabus covers the following 5 learning outcomes:

  • Obtain appropriate client information and understand clients’ needs, wants, values and risk profile, essential to the financial planning process
  • Synthesise the range of client information, subjective factors and indicators to provide the basis for financial planning assumptions and decisions
  • Analyse a client’s situation and identify advantages and disadvantages of the appropriate options
  • Formulate suitable financial plans for action and explain and justify recommendations
  • Implement, review and maintain financial plans to achieve the clients’ objectives and adapt to changes in circumstances.

Assessment method
R06 is a three-hour written exam paper based on two case studies which are released to candidates two weeks prior to the date of the exam. The case studies, which are unrelated, give details of fictitious clients, including a bit of background, information about their personal and financial circumstances, and a list of financial aims - typically four per case study. Candidates are expected to answer five to seven short questions about achieving the stated financial aims.

Application based exam
In the R06 exam, candidates demonstrate their expertise in the application of the financial planning process. At level 3, candidates are only expected to ‘know the facts’, but at level 4 – and particularly in the R06 exam - you are expected to be able to ‘understand’, ‘analyse’, ‘evaluate’ and ‘apply’ what you have learned. The exam questions require short but detailed bullet-point answers, the responses to which you are expected to draw from the technical knowledge you gained from the other five units that comprise the level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, which are:

  • Financial services, regulation and ethics (R01)
  • Investment principles and risk (R02)
  • Personal taxation (R03)
  • Pensions and retirement planning (R04)
  • Financial protection (R05)

There are 150 marks available overall; 70 to 80 for each case study depending upon the questions and sub-questions included.

R06 Expected solution package contents
There is no doubt that R06 is a daunting exam, especially for candidates who are unprepared. And that’s where we come in…

To help you pass your R06 exam first time, Wizard Learning not only offer a detailed R06 Expected Solution compiled by subject experts, but we are the only training provider to offer this as part of a COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE that gives you:

  • Technical content for research – brush up on technical knowledge from the R01 to R05 exams using Wizard Learning’s online multi-media courses
  • Exam technique – have a go at the last seven R06 exams and compare your answers with the associated Wizard Learning R06 Expected Solutions
  • Two online mock exams compiled by our training team – type answers onscreen and mark your responses against a model answer
  • R06 Expected Solution

PLUS… we have added something else at no extra cost

  • Access to our Wizard Learning Financial Planning Practice online course! The full contents of the course can be viewed here.

Why? Because we want our R06 Expected Solution Package to benefit all candidates, including those who have never worked in an adviser role before. The Wizard Learning Financial Planning Practice online course covers the advisory process and has been written in context of the R06 syllabus. Experienced or not, this is an invaluable addition, making our R06 Expected Solution Package the most comprehensive available, and the best value for money.

Trust Wizard Learning for your R06 Expected Solution
Our ability to provide a useful, up-to-date, detailed and relevant R06 Expected Solution stems from the fact that, while the R06 exam has evolved to some degree over time, the approach of the CII in respect of testing your financial planning expertise has largely remained unchanged. In addition, the R06 manual itself provides clear guidance as to what is required from candidates.

This enables our panel of experts, all of whom are qualified to at least Chartered status and with considerable experience of preparing candidates for the R06 exam, to take the two case studies apart and, based on the information given, predict the nature of the questions that will appear in the exam.

But we don’t stop there…. Not only do we help you brush up on your knowledge, understand the exam techniques necessary to achieve success, and identify the questions you are likely to be asked, we also then go on to answer those questions in the format the CII are looking for!

Be prepared with Wizard Learning
The style, format and content of your R06 answers is very important. In a recent R06 CII Exam Guide, the Chief Examiner warned: “The main error was a lack of detail provided in answers, with marks missed due to candidates not relating their answers specifically to the case studies.”

The Wizard Learning R06 Expected Solution helps you to familiarise yourself with the expectations of the CII in terms of style and format. That way you will be super-prepared in the event that the CII throw in an unexpected curve ball!

To achieve success in your R06 exam, you need to understand all of the syllabus elements and requirements. The Wizard Learning R06 Expected Solution Package provides you with the tools you need to pass….and more.

We can’t guarantee success – that is up to you – but can guarantee you will be well-prepared.

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