Enhanced Diploma Package
We offer an Enhanced Diploma Package that builds on the regulated diploma material included in our accredited CPD system.

If you have not already done so, we would like to invite you to now take a FREE 7 day trial of our accredited CPD system. This meets the requirements of the FCA for qualified advisers in relation to completing structured CPD. It is also ideal for trainee advisers working their way through the regulated Diploma exams. The CPD system is available for a low monthly cost enabling you to have access to:

  • Online courses for R01 to R05
  • Gap Analysis and Assessment Tools for R01 to R05
  • Compliance related courses
  • ‘Focus On’ topics
  • Specialist courses
  • Learning to Learn study assisting courses
  • A monthly Financial Services Industry Update and assessment

The benefits of our CPD system include:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all your current and future study and CPD requirements
  • A wide range of materials available in a variety of styles
  • The ability to cross reference topics over different exam syllabuses
  • The ability to refresh knowledge over the entire Diploma syllabus at any time
  • The ability to identify training needs and carry out appropriate activities to improve in areas of weakness
  • Continuous awareness and up-to-date knowledge of industry developments
  • A record of your CPD activity through a range of exportable reports
  • The ability to include externally undertaken CPD activities within your records
  • Peace of mind in knowing that the activities you undertake within the system are recognised as structured CPD though an accredited CPD system.

How to request a trial
To request your FREE 7 day trial, login to the website if already registered, follow the link to My Account and then click on the Apply button for the CPD System Trial. If you are not already registered you must register first and then login to the record you create by registering. We hope that you will be able to fully explore the system during this time and see that the extensive range of materials and the choices available for how they are used provide value for money.

How to purchase online by monthly card payment
If you have already requested your free trial, we hope you will want to continue having access to the extensive range of materials provided and will go ahead and become a regular subscriber. Just follow the link from the homepage to Buy Accounts and subscribe to the CPD SYSTEM - Accredited CPD, we will ensure that your access to the system continues for as long as your subscription continues.