cii CF1 exam on UK Financial Services, regulations and ethics - assessment package

Package contents

  • 6 online assessments of 50 questions per assessment
  • Random 5 question short assessments selected at random from the question database
  • You can take the assessments as many times as you want
  • A CPD certificate and learning log shows all your assessment results, the date each assessment was last taken and the time taken to complete.

Our assessments are designed to help you revise, identify knowledge gaps for further study and to get practice on exam style questions for areas that you might be asked about in the exam.

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Plus all these features are included
Performance statistics including the percentage scored in each assessment, a grade for every assessment, averages for all the assessments completed and your results compared to others that have taken the assessments.

This is an ideal way to prepare and maximise your chances of passing. You can also be confident that the questions are current as our subject knowledge experts regularly review them.

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CF1 Exam details
Structure: 100 question multiple choice
Duration: 2 hours
Recommended study time: 60 hours
Nominal pass mark: 70%

CF1 Syllabus overview
Candidates should be able to understand the:
Purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry
Different financial asset classes and product types
Process of giving advice and the main areas covered
Ethics, regulatory processes, rule and legislation underpinning UK financial services
Use of the FCA’s regulatory powers and responsibilities to protect the market’s integrity and the impact on individuals and firms of the FCA’s regulatory powers.

Full exam details are provided by the CII who are the exam awarding body for this exam.