AF7 Pension transfers - practice papers

Two self-marked online exam style papers that you type in your answers online and then mark yourself against the model answers.

These practice exam papers provide you with the additional practise you need to pass the exam and help ensure you are well prepared for the exam.

Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.


The CII entry guidance for the AF7 requires candidates to have the knowledge gained from R04 Pensions and retirement planning and J05 Pension income options. We also provide  these modules that you may want to consider purchasing if you need to refresh your knowledge:

  • R04 Pensions and retirement planning: Online Multimedia Course
  • R04 Pensions and retirement planning: Gap Analysis & Assessment Tool
  • J05 Pension income options: study package