Workplace pension reform online course

The purpose of this course is to explain workplace pension reform, how it will operate and the resulting impact on employers and their workforce.

The course is made up of these 7 chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Auto-enrolment
3. Qualifying pension schemes
5. NEST Vs qualifying workplace pension schemes
6. Considerations
7. End of Course Assessment

Assessment details
The course assessment contains 10 questions taken at random from a question bank. Your results will be emailed to you on completion and your CPD certificated updated and 1.5 hours CPD time will be added.

You will need to get 70% (7 or more questions correct) or more to pass. If you fail then further assessments can be taken.

Purchasing and cost
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Access is provided for 6 months. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with a longer access period. Workplace pension reform

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