CF4 Retirement Planning online course

This online course will enable you to understand the key subject areas in relation to retirement planning.The learning outcomes are appropriate both for someone studying for the CII CF4 exam on Retirement Planning.

Course material

The course material consists of:

  • 12 chapter of study text containing several examples, and
  • Revision assessments for each chapter to help confirm your understanding.

The certificate online courses are designed to complement the CII study text. They are designed as a study aid to cover the key syllabus areas and therefore act as an introduction to the study material and also help you focus on the most important areas.

We have developed demonstrations for our online courses that show you the content topics and our easy to use course navigation system. If you decide to purchase you will of course see the full version with the full contents all fully formatted and be able to access the chapter & final assessments.

Case study & final assessments
In addition, on completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to complete:

  • A case study incorporating 20 multiple-choice questions
  • A final 20 question assessment based on the study material. Your assessment results and answers to any questions answered incorrectly will be emailed to you. If you don’t pass, or just want to take a second test, an additional 20 question assessment can be taken.

Additional information
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.

cf4 course

Provided FREE when you purchase any training module. Included are 5 online courses covering learning skills on: time management, exams, study, reading & memory.

CPD credit
You will be credited with a minimum of 11 hours of CPD with the time added to your CPD certificate gradually as you complete each assessment. Your CPD hours and results will be added to your CPD certificate which can be viewed and printed from the CPD certificate link on the menu at any time.

Learning outcomes

  1. To understand the background to retirement provision in the UK and assessing individual clients’ needs
  2. To understand the main HMRC rules as they apply to registered pension schemes and their tax treatment
  3. To understand the effects of pension simplification and the transitional protections that apply to pre A-Day benefits
  4. To understand the main State pension benefits to which individuals may be entitled to in retirement
  5. To understand the eligibility, features, benefits, restrictions and variations of the various forms of individual pension plans
  6. To understand the eligibility, features, benefits, restrictions and variations of the various forms of defined contribution occupational pension plans
  7. To understand the eligibility, features, benefits, restrictions and variations of the variations of defined benefit occupational pension plans
  8. To understand the requirements as they relate to occupational pension schemes of company reconstructions, bulk transfers and termination
  9. To understand the benefit choices that members of registered pension schemes have when they start to draw retirement benefits
  10. To understand the concept of risk and return and how it relates to an investor’s retirement planning strategy
  11. To have a knowledge of the alternative investment choices that can be used by investors to plan for retirement
  12. To understand the main legislation governing pensions and divorce or the dissolution of civil partnerships
  13. To understand the basic concepts behind analysing a client’s needs and making suitable recommendations.

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