Expected solutions for R06 and AF5

Posted May 29, 2018

Expected solutions for R06 and AF5

Something new added to our Expected Solution Packages at no extra cost

  • Access to Wizard Learning Financial Planning Practice online course! The full contents of the course can be viewed here.

While we expect most candidates to have some degree of experience in an adviser role, that may not be the case for everyone. We want our Expected Solution Packages to benefit all candidates, including those who have never worked in an adviser role before. The Wizard Learning Financial Planning Practice online course covers the advisory process and, experienced or not, this is an invaluable addition to the Expected Solution Packages, making it the most comprehensive available in the market place today. And the best value for money.

The Wizard Learning Expected Solution Packages offers MORE than any other training provider:

  1. Technical content for research
  2. Exam technique with access to past expected solutions and mock exams
  3. An online advice skills course

It’s a no brainer!

Trust Wizard Learning for your Expected Solutions
Our ability to provide a useful, up-to-date, detailed and relevant Expected Solutions stems from the fact that the approach of the CII in respect of testing your financial planning expertise has largely remained unchanged. This enables our panel of experts, all of whom are qualified to at least Chartered status and with considerable experience of preparing candidates for the R06 and AF5 exams, to predict the nature of the questions that will appear in the exam.

Information pages:
R06 The Expected Solution Package
AF5 The Expected Solution Package

See the cost and contents page for more details.

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