This online feature for the CII CF5 exam has been designed so that you can revise key syllabus topics and get practice preparing for the written format of this exam by taking three online papers.

  • Two self marked online exam style papers where you mark your typed in answers against a model answer
  • One online exam style paper marked where you type in your answers online and is marked by one of our experienced assessors (you may only take this paper once)
  • Bonus topic testing item: 25 self marked short questions and answers covering protection, pensions, savings & investments, mortgages, tax and legal/compliance. This online paper has a total of 200 marks available.

We aim to mark all assessor marked papers within 7 days. However we do request that you try to complete the assessor marked paper at least two weeks before the exam to provide you with time to review your paper and to ease the workload on our assessors.

Additional information
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.


 "Thank you for getting this back to me so quickly with the results for my CF5 assessor marked paper, a great help. A really excellent service, I will be recommending to my peers who are also going through these exams. The examiners comments are also very useful indeed." Will Myers, Conforto

"I received my result for CF5 today and I am pleased to say that I passed! I can certainly say that the use of your website contributed greatly to my examination successes and for that I am very grateful! Thank you Wizard Learning!" Lynne Chang

"I would like to thank you for the great help that your website has been to me whilst preparing for my certificate exams. I believe that it is your sets of questions that helped me go through each exam stress free and achieve above 90% score each time. I will be recommending your site to everyone studying for their qualifications. Well done and keep up the good work." Alex Sasin

Why buy Wizard Learning Practice Exam Packages?
Like all of our products, Wizard Learning’s Practice Exam Package has been designed with you, the customer as the primary consideration.

In our view and following extensive research, effective online learning and development programmes for financial services topics and professional exams should: 

  • Include innovative learning material accounting for different learning styles
  • Be technically accurate
  • Be easy to use
  • Be helpful in identifying the learner’s strengths and weaknesses and
  • Be cost effective.

Our Practice Exam Package ticks ALL these boxes:

  • A choice of self-marked and assessor marked papers are included in the package. If you want some tips from a qualified industry professional, the assessor marked paper can provide useful feedback on both technique and technical know how prior to the exam. The self-marked papers give you a chance to identify progress in your own time and at your own pace. Completing these papers online at any time, maximises flexibility for you
  • All our Practice Exam Packages are prepared, checked and assessed by individuals with relevant industry qualifications. We strive to remain accurate and up to date in this fast changing environment
  • The Practice Exam Package is really easy to use. Customers simply log in to the site anywhere in the world at any time and start using the services they have purchased
  • Both our self marked and assessor marked papers provide you with model solutions to identify your strengths and areas for development both in terms of exam technique and technical knowledge. With the assessor marked paper, you benefit from individual feedback as well
  • We feel that the cost of the Practice Exam Package represents exceptional value once you account for the variety of features and benefits that it offers and many of our customers are finding it to be an essential supplementary tool to their learning and revision
  • Don’t forget that with multiple purchase of products, costs come right down – for individual as much as 30%. The discount can become even bigger for firms looking for bulk purchases.