CeFA3 Retirement Planning and Protection - online course

This online course will enable you to understand the key subject areas in relation to CeFA3 Retirement Planning & Protection.

The learning outcomes are appropriate for someone studying for the CeFA3 exam.

CeFA3 Course material
The course material consists of:

Retirement planning (unit 6)

  • 13 chapter of study notes containing several examples
  • Easy user-friendly navigation between the chapter and sections within each chapter
  • Revision assessments for each chapter
  • A case study incorporating 20 multiple-choice questions
  • Two final 20 question assessment based on the study material - your assessment results and answers to any questions answered incorrectly will be emailed to you.

Protection (unit 5)

  • 11 chapters of online study notes
  • Easy user-friendly navigation between the chapter and sections within each chapter
  • Interactive knowledge tests to check your understanding as you work your way through each section
  • Revision assessments for each chapter
  • Get your studies off to a flying start with animated audiovisual presentations (total viewing time 1.5 hours), online audio and audio downloads to your MP3 player/iPod (2 hours listening time) that cover the chapters 1, 2 and 4

This online course is designed to complement the ifs study text. It has been created as a study aid to cover the key syllabus areas and provide varied content to assist you with your exam preparation.

Your statistics and study time are included on your personalised learning log/CPD certificate you can view and print this at any time.

Note that the contents offered differ between the two units as they were developed at different times. Therefore the contents are as described under each unit above.

Additional information
Access is provided for 6 months and includes syllabus updates. If you purchase multiple training modules a discount is available along with longer access periods.

CeFA3 course

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CPD credit
You will be credited with a minimum of 60 hours of CPD with the time added to your CPD certificate gradually as you complete each assessment. Your CPD hours and results will be added to your CPD certificate which can be viewed and printed from the CPD certificate link on the menu at any time.

Unit 6 Retirement planning areas covered:
Chapter 1 Assessing retirement planning needs
Chapter 2 HMRC Rules Part 1
Chapter 3 HMRC Rules Part 2
Chapter 4 Legacy issues and transitional protection
Chapter 5 State Pension Benefits
Chapter 6 Individual pensions
Chapter 7 Occupational defined contribution pension schemes
Chapter 8 Occupational defined benefit pension schemes
Chapter 9 Retirement options
Chapter 10 Risk and return
Chapter 11 Other investments for retirement planning
Chapter 12 Pensions and divorce
Chapter 13 Analysing needs and choosing products
Chapter 14 End of course assessments

Unit 5 Protection areas covered:
Chapter 1 Consumer and market factors and trends relevant to financial protection
Chapter 2 The need for protection and the main sources of financial protection
Chapter 3 State Benefits
Chapter 4 Life Assurance
Chapter 5 The taxation of financial protection products
Chapter 6 Income Protection Insurance
Chapter 7 Critical Illness
Chapter 8 Long Term Care
Chapter 9 Other Insurances
Chapter 10 Needs and priorities for personal protection
Chapter 11 Business Protection